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Hebrew Language - Online Resources: Newspapers, Journals, and Books

Articles and citations

- Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 - includes detailed description of all Jewish literature printed in Hebrew characters. The database contains bibliographic records and biographies of persons. Search results can be sorted by author, title or by year of publication - available onsite at NYPL.

- RAMBI - articles on Jewish Studies can be searched in Hebrew. Rambi record includes in its abbreviated form: author, title, bibliographic information (some provide online access to the full text).

- Lexicon of Modern Hebrew Literature - Bio-Bibliographical Lexicon edited by Joseph Galron-Goldschlager, includes biography and bibliography of important authors, translators, poets and editors of modern Hebrew literature. 

- Archive of Hebrew Journals, by Daat, provides access to articles in more more than 35 periodicals.

- Agnon House Article Library includes articles in Hebrew and English about the life and work of the Nobel prize laureate Shmuel Yosef Agnon.

Databases with full-text articles in journals and newspapers

- ⁨⁨Ha-Aretz - 4 April 1918 - 31 December 1982 (15218 issues) ; The last two months of its daily and the weekend editions, in both English and Hebrew, are available through NYPL’s PressReader database (Clicking on the word ‘countries’ and selecting ‘Israel’, in the dropdown menu, will link to these online newspapers).

- Davar - 1 June 1925 - 30 December 1983 (17845 issues)

- Maariv - 15 February 1948 - 23 April 2020 (11931 issues) 

- Kol ha-Am - 1 August 1937 - 30 December 1965 (5912 issues)

- ⁨Al ha-Mishmar⁩  - 6 June 1943 - 31 December 1969 (8040 issues)

⁨- HaTzofe⁩ - 3 August 1937 - 31 December 1969 (9767 issues)

- Yisrael ha-Yom (since May 2017) is available through NYPL’s PressReader database. (Clicking on the word ‘countries’ and selecting ‘Israel’, in the dropdown menu, will link to these online newspapers).

- Itonut Yehudit Historit - Historical Jewish Press - includes 66 Jewish newspapers in Hebrew published in various countries, and time periods. It displays digital versions of each paper which allows view of the papers in their original layout, and full-text search. Clicking on the ‘Language’ box (on the left side) will limit the selection to periodicals in Hebrew.


- Union List of Digitized Jewish Historic Newspapers, Periodicals and e-Journal in Hebraic script by Ohio State University. For the list of periodicals in Hebrew click on 'Periodicals in Hebrew Script. This database provides basic information about and links to periodicals in Hebrew.


Hebrew books full-text online

- Ben Yehudah Project - classical Hebrew literature including poetry and prose, essays, letters, memoirs, and reference works in a readable and searchable format online. 

- Hebrew Books - provides access to 52,000 classical Hebrew books, and allows to view and print entire books. 

- Wiki Sources - Hebrew books online.

- Sefaria - bi-lingual project of Jewish texts.  It includes text of the Torah, Talmud, interpretations, readings related to the Jewish calendar in both Hebrew and English.

- Daat - includes full text books related to Israel and to Jewish studies.

- Sefer Ha-Agadah: Book of Legends  Compilation of Aggadot  by Hayim Nahman Bialik and Yehoshua Hana Rawnitzki. Most of the legends come from the period of the Tannaim and the Amoraim.They are searchable by category and by keyword, and the text with vowels. 

Full text periodicals available online at NYPL

Note: these periodicals are available onsite at NYPL. Some provide articles in other languages in addition to Hebrew.

- Bible: Shenaton le-Mikra ule-heker ha-mizrh ha-kadum,   Bet Mikra 

- Bibliography: ʻAle sefer

- Dead Sea scrolls: Megilot

- Hebrew language and literature: Mehkere Yerushalayim be-sifrut ʻIvrit,   Mehkere Yerushalayim be-folklor Yehudi,   Leshonenu

- History: Historyah,   Zemanim,   Katedrah be-toldot Erets-Yiśraʼel ṿe-yishuvah, Hadashot arkhe’ologiyot,   Tsiyon

- Israel: Tarbut Demokratit

- Jewish Diaspora: Mikhaʼel

- Jewish studies: Tarbiz,   Sidra

- Judaism: Mada’e ha-Yahadit,   Yediʻon,   Mehkere Yerushalayim be-maḥashevet Yisraʼel

- Law: Shenaton ha-mishpaṭ ha-ʻIvri,   Mehkere mishpat

- Philosophy: Daʻat,   Iyun

- Sephardim: Peʻamim