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Old Time Tours - 19th Century NYC Guidebooks: Foreign Language

A Guide to 19th Century New York City Guidebooks

Foreign Language Guidebooks

To find NYC guidebooks in a foreign language:

  • Search the catalog using the subject heading New York (N.Y.) – Guidebooks;
  • Click the tab “Limit Sort Search” near the top of the page;
  • Select a language from the “Language” search box, and enter a date range under “Year of Publication.”

The oldest Spanish-language guidebook appearing in the NYPL catalog is the Manual de Nueva York para uso de los Espa̜oles (1851), followed by Guia de Nueva York y los Estados Unidos in 1856.  Also notable, Guida Manuale ad uso dell' Italiano in New York per l'Anno 1882 was a guidebook targeting the city’s growing Italian immigrant population. “After 1860, the number of Italianborn persons in New York City came close to tripling every ten years: 3,017 in 1870; 13,411 in 1880; 49,514 in 1890; and 145,433 in 1900.”  There are also a handful of 1800s guidebooks in German, the language of New York's largest first and second generation population at the time.