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Getting Your Business Website Online: Drag And Drop Web Builders

Getting Your Website Online

Building a Website without Coding

The process of developing and maintaining a website can sound intimidating.  To help with this, you can sign up for a Drag and Drop Web Builder

Instead of having to learn code, you use a graphical user interface to create your site.  That is, you can click on shapes, pictures and colors to create your site - all with templates created by professional designers using the latest innovations in web development. What's more, your site will always be maintained by professionals - you never need to worry about technology updates, web hosting issues or site crashes.  

Using a Drag and Drop Web builder is increasingly the "best of all worlds" solution for small businesses looking for a website. 

Deciding which Drag and Drop Web company to use is a commercial decision.  What follows is selection of resources to help you make that decision. 

Video Resources from NYPL

Getting Your Website Online [LYNDA]

  • A discussion of popular Drag and Drop solutions in addition to common web technology terms


SquareSpace Essential Training : The Basics [LYNDA]

  • 4+ Hours of training on one of the leading Drag and Drop Website providers


Squarespace Essential Traing : Ecommerce [LYNDA]

  • Using Squarespace to implement an E-Commerce solution for your business


Building a Small Business Website with Wordpress [LYNDA]

  • Building a business website with popular Drag and Drop solution Wordpress 


Web Articles on Drag and Drop

Choosing a Drag and Drop website provider is a commercial decision.  To help with your decision, here are a selection of Drag and Drop reviews from online web sources: 

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  • A comprehensive ranking of all Drag and Drop Website options

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  •  Website Builder Expert offers thorough reviews and discussion of all Website Buiding options available. 

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  • What to consider in choosing a Drag and Drop service 

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  • Perspective from PC Magazine, a leading technology authority

Top Seven Drag and Drop Website Builders for Your Business 

  • Evaluating Drag and Drop sites with LifeHack, a prominent site for technology information

Video From NYPL Business Center

The following is a video program offered by the Business Center on a Drag and Drop Web Design solution for your business : 

NYPL Buisness Center Webinar - How to Build a Great Looking Website in 5 Days

  • A Business Center Webinar with a Drag and Drop Solution for getting your website online