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Getting Your Business Website Online: Hiring a Web Developer

Getting Your Website Online

Web Developer or Web Designer ?

If you are looking for a fully customized solution for your website, you will likely need to hire web professionals to realize your website. 

In the world of website creation, there are 3 considerations you will need to decide : 

  1. What will your website look like?  How will it be designed? 
  2. How will my vision be implemented with code? 
  3. Who is going to maintain my website, to make sure it always functions? 

For the appearance and design of your site, you will need to seek out a Web Designer.  In implementing the code and technical realization of your site, you will need the assistance of a Web Developer.   

Often, a Web Developer or a Web Designer can handle both responsibilities,  but understand there is a distinction and there can be a trade off if you have one individual handle both tasks. 

For a detailed discussion of this topic, consider this web article : 

How to Hire a Website Designer, Graphic Designer or Developer to Build Your Website by WebsiteBuilderExpert

Once your site is completed, the work of maintaining your website is not done.   A business that supports a website needs to be sure the site always functions, does not crash and is continually updated and maintained.  In maintaining your site, sometimes the Web Developer you hire can also handle maintaining the site.  

You can also seek out a Web Content Manager or Website Maintenance Professional.  Just recognize, creating your website is only the first step in successfully realizing your online presence. 


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