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Online Resources for Philosophy at The New York Public Library: Encyclopedias & Dictionaries of Philosophy


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

This encyclopedia is the oldest and most reputable open-access site for philosophy. It is constantly updated, and all entries are peer-reviewed.

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

This excellent encyclopedia, published in 1998 in 10 volumes, is on the open shelf in the Reading Room. It has been superseded, although it is still useful, by the online version, which is continually updated but not subscribed to by the library.

Encyclopedia of Classical Philosophy

"This is... an indispensable point of reference for scholars, teachers, and students. The contributors are among the very best people in the subject... The volume is exhaustive in coverage, lucid and accessible in style. Specialists will learn new things from it, and beginners will find it a friendly guide."- Martha Nussbaum.

Oxford Classical Dictionary

In print since 1949, the Oxford Classical Dictionary has grown from almost 1,600 to 6,500 entries on a wide range of topics and has been an unrivaled reference for the study of the Greco-Roman world.

Greek Philosophical Terms; a Historical Lexicon

No knowledge of Greek is required to use this dictionary. Greek philosophical terms are transliterated into English and arranged alphabetically.

The Oxford Companion to Philosophy

Considered the "premier single-volume encyclopedia dictionary of philosophy in English." Hans Bynagle, Philosophy: A Guide to the Reference Literature.

The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy

"The most comprehensive dictionary of philosophy in English."' Times Literary Supplement