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PrivCo: Advance Companies Search

An advanced company search allows you to search for companies that match the criteria you specify. 


Do advanced searches by clicking the Search icon in the toolbar on the left side of the screen. Then select Companies in the Search dropdown menu. Search options appear in the menu on the left. Fill in any that apply. 


Search Term: Finds words in the company records, including names and descriptions. 

Private Companies Only toggle: PrivCo includes some public companies, this option excludes them.

Locations: As you type, options will appear which you can select; eg type "New York," and you will see "New York, USA" (New York State)," and "New York, NY." Note: The Locations search searches by mailing address. "New York, NY" finds only Manhattan. Queens is tricky. You must search by neighborhood as it appears in the address, eg "Flushing" or "Jackson Heights." 

Industries: Search companies by industry. Click the + to see subcategories.

Keywords: Descriptive words are assigned by PrivCo, which are narrower and more specific that the industry categories. As you type, options will appear, which you can select. 

Revenue: Enter minimum and maximum values, in millions. Select over 1 year or 3 years (CAGR: "compound annual growth rate"). 

Include revenue of unspecified size: Many companies show no revenue figure, and are by default excluded from a revenue search.


Specify ranges for total employees, employee growth rates (1 year or 3 year), or total funding raised.

Specify companies that have or have not received venture capital or private equity funding

Specify subsidiaries, private companies that have been acquired. Like companies that went public, they remain in the database.


Click Search to see your results. Click on the company name to see company details. Click on headings to sort.