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Israel Studies: Basic Facts, Directories, and Statistics

Basic Facts

Resources at NYPL: 

The volumes of the Israel yearbook from 1950 to 1990 (inc.) and the Israel yearbook and almanac from 1993 to 2000 are important resources.

Another significant resource is the  periodical Facts about Israel produced by the Israel Office of Information which includes volumes from 1957 to 1993 (inc.), and 1985, 1996, and 2003. They provides information about the country’s geography, weights and measures, languages, population, immigration, government, finance, trade, labor, agriculture, communication, health, education, science, culture, the press, and Israel’s defense forces.

Online resources:
- Association for Israel Studies. This Association is an international scholarly society devoted to the academic and professional study of Israel. The Association's membership is composed of scholars from all disciplines in the social sciences and many in the humanities.
- Wikipedia’s List of national symbols of Israel in English, and the one in Hebrew include symbols that are used in Israel and abroad to represent the country and its people.
- The main page titled Facts of Israel created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides information about Israel’s land, environment, history, democracy, quest for peace, education, people, lifestyle, innovation, its relations with the international community and  Jewish world.  
- World Factbook by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Its main categories are: geography, people and society, government, economy, energy, communications, transportation, military and security, terrorism, and transnational issues.
- Israel Country profile by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).
- Country analysis by The Economist provides analysis on politics, economy, business and industry.
- The website Israel Wing by the Jewish Virtual Library covers 30 topics from Agriculture to Zionism.
- The website Nations Online provides useful information


Resources at NYPL:
To access the records of directories conduct a keyword search Israel Directories in our catalog. Subjects range through antiquities, industry, commerce, museums and many others. The search can be narrowed down by clicking on the ‘Refine Search’ button.


Online resources:
- Israel's country calling code is +972. Bezeq provides a telephone directory here with a tab to search for people, and another to search for businesses. This site also provides search features for zip codes and maps.
-- Directory of educational institutions in Israel: a list of universities and colleges in Israel by wikipedia by UniRank,
- A directory of medical centers and hospitals is here.


Resources at NYPL:

The Subject Heading: Israel -- Statistics in our catalog covers vital statistics in addition to medical, economic, and agricultural statistics.  An important resource is the Statistical abstract of Israel by the Central Bureau of Statistics in Jerusalem. The print version from 1948 onwards is here, and it is continued by an online version here

For additional statistical resources from the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics use Israel. Lishkah ha-merkazit li-statịstikah as an author search.

Online resources:
The website of the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics provides detailed information. Their main topics are: individual and society, economy, environment and infrastructure, and government and local authorities. Content is available in Hebrew, English, and Arabic.
The website Vital Statistics Wing by the Jewish Virtual Library provides statistics related to anti-semitism, Israel, Israel defense forces, the Holocaust, demography, terrorism, US-Israel bilateral cooperation, and public opinion.