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Israel Studies: Geography and Nature

Description, Geography and Maps

Resources at NYPL: 

To learn about the land and its borders search our catalog with the following subject headings: Israel -- Maps, and Palestine -- Maps, Israel --  Historical geography, and Palestine -- Historical geography, Israel --  Tours, and  Israel -- Description and travel. Significant resources are periodicals such as Eretz magazine (from 1986 to present), and Moreshet derekh (from 1982 to 2002).

Online resources:

The booklet The Land by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides an overview of the country’s location, its surroundings, climate and water resources, Jerusalem and other cities, communication and transportation, and archaeology.

The site of Israel maps by the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas at Austin provides more than 50 county, topographic, and historical online maps.

The site the Israel Science and Technology Directory brings geographical, topographical, and historical maps covering Israel, its neighboring countries, specific localities, and also detailed trail maps. 

The site Israel in Maps by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides maps in the categories of: contemporary Israel. Jews in the Land of Israel through the ages, Pre-stare period - Setting borders, Israel’s changing borders - war and peace, the Six Day War - June 1967, Yom Kippur War - October 1973, Lebanon - the northern front, the search for  peace, and continuing conflict - terror and threats.

Nature, Climate and Environment

Resources at NYPL: 

Books published by Israel’s Society for the Protection of Nature Ḥevrah la-haganat ha-ṭevaʻ provide information about various locations in Israel. For additional material, search our catalog for the subject heading Israel -- Climate.  

To learn about environmental issues in Israel explore the subject headings Environmental policy -- Israel and Environmental Protection -- Israel.  An important resource in this category is our online book Between ruin and restoration: an environmental history of Israel   

For information about Israel’s issues with water-supply explore the subject headings Water resources development -- Israel, Water supply -- Israel and Hydrology -- Israel

Items about botany can be found in our catalog under the subject headings Botany -- Israel, Flowers -- Israel, Trees -- Israel, and Plants -- Israel.  

Resources about zoology can be found under the subject heading Zoology -- Israel.  An important work is the twelve volume set Hai ṿeha-tsomeaḥ shel Erets-Yisraʼel : entsiklopedyah shimushit meʼuyeret by ha-Ḥevrah la-haganat ha-ṭevaʻ (the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel). 

An important resources about Botany and Zoology in Israel is the 12 volumes illustrated encyclopedia Ḥai ṿeha-tsomeaḥ shel Erets-Yiśraʼel : entsiḳlopedyah shimushit meʼuyeret and the three volume set Leḳsiḳon ha-ḥai ṿeha-tsomeaḥ shel Erets-Yiśraʼel both edited by Azaria Alon and published by ha-Ḥevrah la-haganat ha-ṭevaʻ (the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel). 

Online resources:

- The website Israel: Environment & Nature by the Jewish Virtual Library provides basic information about numerous subjects including climate, water, parks, conservation & legislation, international cooperation, fauna and flora.

- The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel’s website includes information such as Israel’s National Trail (INT), The Jesus Trail and birding in Israel. 

- Israel Meteorological Service provides detailed weather forecasting, meteorological data supply and climate research in Israel, in both Hebrew and English.