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Fixed Income Securities (Bonds): Further Research at New York Public Library

Further Research at New York Public Library

Beyond the Business Center's print and online resources, NYPL's Stephen A. Schwarzman Library offers print resources for historical bond information. These resources can only be accessed by visiting the Schwarzman Library in person, and cannot be removed from the Library's Rose Main Reading Room. Read here for further information and instructions on requesting these titles. 

The Schwarzman collection includes the resources detailed below.

Bond Ratings, Coupon, Maturity, and Payment Dates, Prices and Yields

Bond ratings, coupon, maturity, and payment dates, prices, and yields

Municipal Bonds

Municipal Bonds

Convertible Bonds

  • Mergent Bond Record | JBM 00-40 (1999 - Current)  Latest 3 months in Financial Services | Continues: Moody's Bond Record | JLM 76-1576 (1972 - 1999)