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Business & Career Networking: About

Library resources for business and career networking.

What is Networking and Why Do You Need to Do It?

Business networking and career networking involve making connections and building relationships. These connections can provide advice and contacts, which can help you make informed business or career decisions. Career networking can help you find unadvertised jobs and internships. Business networking can help you close a good business deal or increase your company's sales productivity. Networking occurs in groups or one-on-one (Credit: Cornell University).


The New York Public Library offers a variety of resources that will help you learn skills for successful business and career networking. This guide includes print resources such as paperback books and electronic resources such as online articles, audiobooks, e-books, and databases. It also provides video courses you can watch to learn networking strategies to grow your professional and business network. 


Start by downloading the Vault Guide to Networking (2015) e-book by Miriam Salpeter using the Career Insider (Vault) database. It is accessible outside the library with your library card and PIN. 


Attending networking events is essential for building professional relationships, expanding your network, and gaining access to valuable resources. These events provide opportunities to meet other professionals, share ideas, and learn about the latest trends and business techniques. Use the Gale Directory Library database to find professional associations you can join and attend their networking events. It is accessible outside the library using your NYPL card and PIN. Some of the association and organization directories included are Encyclopedia of Associations - International Organizations; Encyclopedia of Associations - National Organizations of the U.S.; Encyclopedia of Associations - Regional, State and Local Organizations of the U.S.; Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources; Encyclopedia of Governmental Advisory Organizations; Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media; Government Research Directory; International Research Centers Directory;  Market Share Reporter; National Faculty Directory; Publishers Directory; Research Centers Directory; Ward's Business Directory of U.S. Private and Public Companies. 


You can also search for associations, organizations, companies, and key contacts using these databases: Plunkett Research Online, Gale Business Insights (formerly Business Insights Essentials), Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media, Reference Solutions, and Mergent Intellect. All accessible outside the library using your NYPL card and PIN.

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