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MergentOnline: A Guide to Supply Chain: Searching Products/Services

A tool for gathering information on a company's suppliers, partners, and competition.

This is the search box; when you open the tab, it defaults to the Trade/ product setting. From here, you can click on the Company/ Ticker button and search for a specific company or, if you don't know the company's name, click on the Trade/ Product button and enter the specific brand name of a product...

When you begin to type a name or ticker symbol, MergentOnline will make a suggestion. If you agree with it, click on the underlined name; if not, continue typing and hit Enter.

You will see a list of the products associated with the company; to see more, click on a product's name...

AirPods Pro Hierarchy

...and a hierarchical list of sectors the product is associated with then appears, with the number of companies in the sector on the far right. Click on the sector and a list of competing products/companies will appear.

Note the icons to the far right of the category links. These allow you to save the result of your searches; click on Download to save your results as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file or click on Printer Friendly then Print for a physical copy.