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Industry Information: Trade Journals

Research guide to industry information. Guide by Madeleine Cohen.

Trade and Industry Publications

trade journal is a publication written for people who work in a specific trade or industry. Trade journals provide current industry news and articles about new products and trends, including regulatory developments which may affect an industry. Advertising and industry related job notices also appear in many trade publications. 

If you are starting a business it's a good idea to read trade journals relating to the industry in which you will be operating. There are several ways to find trade journals for your industry :

Search in library databases using keywords to describe your industry, and then limit the results to trade publications. (Try using the two databases listed below.)

You can also search for individual trade journals by searching keywords in the titles from the Library's e-Journals search page

See this page for more tips

Many trade journals are now published on the Internet; some provide free access while others require a subscription or membership. Try a Google search using one word which describes your industry and include the word "magazine". 

Historical Trade Journals

Business publications and industry trade journals have been collected by the New York Public Library for more than 100 years. Some early issues, pre-1923, of these journals have now been digitized and may be accessed through the Library's catalog and Hathi Trust.
See this six-part blog —parts through 6—for links to a selection of  historical digitized business publications and industry trade journals.