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Guide to Music Publishers' Catalogs: Resources For Research in Publishers' Catalogs

How to find music publishers' catalogs in the Music Division and why they are important for research. Guide by Bob Kosovsky.

A Selection of Books on Specific Publishers

Weinmann, Alexander.  Verlagsverzeichnis Anton Diabelli & Co. (1824 bis 1840).  Wien : L. Krenn, 1985.

Call number:  JME 92-276


Weinmann, Alexander.  Verlagsverzeichnis Peter Cappi und Cappi & Diabelli (1816 bis 1824).  Wien : L. Krenn, 1983.

Call number:  JME 92-380

Weinmann, Alexander.  Addenda und Corrigenda zum Verlagsverzeichnis Franz Anton Hoffmeister .  Wien : L. Krenn, 1982.

Call number:  JME 92-272


Weinmann, Alexander.  Verlagsverzeichnis Tranquillo Mollo : mit und ohne Co.  Wien: Universal, 1964.

Call number:  *MFPB (Austria)(Weinmann, A. Verlagsverzeichnis Tranquillo Mollo)


Weinmann, Alexander.  Ergänzungen zum Verlags-Verzeichnis Tranquillo Mollo.  Wien: Universal, 1972.

Call number:  JME 77-190


Weinmann, Alexander.  Vollständiges Verlagsverzeichnis Senefelder, Steiner, HaslingerMünchen, Salzburg: Katzbichler, 1979-1980.

Call number:  JML 82-21


Weinmann, Alexander.  Vollständiges Verlagsverzeichnis Artaria & Comp.  Wien : L. Krenn, 1985.

Call number:  JME 96-28


Online Resources

  • IMSLP - International Music Score Library/Petrucci
    • An online public domain music site.  Has a list of publishers represented by the site, many of which have their own pages, sometimes providing much information.  Being updated continuously (user-generated).
  • Hofmeister XIX
    • A database of when initial notices of publications were first published (serving as a guide to dating). Particularly good with German music publishers of the 19th century. 
  • Music publishers' online catalogs
    • Yale University's curated list of music publisher catalogs.