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House History Research at The New York Public Library: GUIDES & EXAMPLES

A Guide For Researching the Histories of NYC Residential Buildings




  • Manhattan building histories, 1977-1994 (bulk 1978-1983) / Office for Metropolitan History Building reports, histories of buildings in Manhattan, New York, prepared by the Office for Metropolitan History, under the directorship of Christopher Gray, between 1978 and 1994, the bulk between 1978 and 1983. Reports consist mostly of histories of private residential buildings, though some notable buildings are described, including: the Bonwit Teller Building, Graham Court, the Park and Tilford Building, Claremont Stables, the Jewish Theological Seminary, and the St. Agnes Apartments. Reports include information about builders, architects, owners, and residents, and variously; histories, biographies, occupancy surveys, photocopied images of photographs, Notice to Build Applications, plans, newspaper clippings, land maps, conveyances, directories, and other historical documents.