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Binding Us Together: Quilts of the African Diaspora: Articles & Essays

The purpose of this guide is to highlight resources related to quilting in the United States, on the African continent, and throughout the African Diaspora. Guide by Tracy Crawford.

Selected Articles

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Ethnic NewsWatch

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Gale Primary Resources

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New York Times

Brown, Patricia L. "A Sense of Place, Stitched: Quilts that Tell Tales of Oakland." New York Times (1923-Current file), Feb 03 2016, p. 2.

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ProQuest Research Library

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Collection Highlights

Everyday Use book cover.

Everyday Use

Alice Walker's early story, "Everyday Use," has remained a cornerstone of her work. Her use of quilting as a metaphor for the creative legacy that African Americans inherited from their maternal ancestors changed the way we define art, women's culture, and African American lives. By putting African American women's voices at the center of the narrative for the first time, "Everyday Use" anticipated the focus of an entire generation of black women writers. This casebook includes an introduction by the editor, a chronology of Walker's life, an authoritative text of "Everyday Use" and of "In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens," an interview with Walker, six critical essays, and a bibliography.

Mrs. Hunter, Quilter

Picture of of Mrs. Hunter quilting from the National Archives.

Mrs. Hunter is Well-known on John's Island
for the Beautiful Quilts She Sews

Environmental Protection Agency
National Archives

"Friendship Quilt"

Picture of Friendship Quilt Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum

Friendship Quilt
Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum
Creator: Martha Custalow Taylor