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Systemic Racism, Protests, and Dance: About

A guide to help education on race, dance's role in race and the protests, and initiatives to help in archiving and preserving the work being done to change our society.

Our Goals

In light of the recent protests the Jerome Robbins Dance Division, as an educational archive, feels it is important to encourage deeper learning and increased scholarship about systemic racism and white supremacist culture, past and present, as it affects the dance field. This guide is part of that initiative and seeks to:


  • provide educational resources on the overall experiences of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the United States, 
  • inform on how the dance community has addressed racism in the past, what it is doing now, and further steps that can be taken,
  • provide resources on archiving protest movements, specifically those with such a large digital presence,
  • promote the inclusion of BIPOC voices in dance scholarship and pedagogy, 
  • highlight the inspiring moments where dance has been used as a form of protest,
  • and share significant pieces of art made by and about BIPOC.


We will keep this guide updated as much as possible as we continue to amplify the voices of Black Indigenous, and People of Color. We also hope this guide can help support anti-racism work being done in dance communities around the country. 


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