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Black Bookstore Research Guide: The Bookseller & Bookstore

Guide to resources related to independent Black bookstores. Guide by Makoroba Sow

The Black Bookseller & Bookstore

"Over the years, owners of black bookstores became the keepers of black culture and continued to maintain their shops as an expression of pride, history, and cultural identify..." - from The Encyclopedia of African American Popular Culture, "Books and Bibliophiles" by Dr. Jesse Carney Smith  

Manuscripts and Archives

Photographs and Prints

Sound Recordings



Clippings Files

Links to the Schomburg Clippings Files (Part I and Part II) will direct users to the clipping file indexes. The images are examples of clippings found under the particular index headings, while links to Part 3 clippings are directed to the individual catalog record. The Schomburg Clipping Files can be accessed onsite by consulting with a librarian within the Jean Blackwell Hutson Research and Reference Division.