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PrivCo: Home Screen: Company Search

PrivCo covers more than 400,000 private companies, many of which are not covered anywhere else. They begin with companies with over $1,000,000 in revenue or funding, though they are not comprehensive. You will see some public companies in the database. If a company is acquired or goes public, it will remain in the databases, though PrivCo will stop tracking it. Below you can see the range of information available about companies.

After logging into PrivCo, the landing page allows you to do a simple company search. Simply type the company name in the Search by company name box at the top of the screen. A dropdown appears, and you can select your company. The amount of information available for a company varies greatly, generally with more information available for larger and more established companies.

Search for Warby Parker


Or you can press the Enter key, and get a list of results.

Warby Parker search results


The Overview offers a company description, year founded, funding, PrivCo score, valuation, growth, industry, "keywords", and more.

PrivCo Score: According to PrivCo, "The PrivCo Growth Score is a measure of potential growth that we give a particular company, based on their funding, revenue growth rate, employee growth rate, industry and space they are operating in, and their influence score (an internal score based on web traffic, social influence and acquisition data)."  

Valuation: PrivCo gathers data from thousands of sources, which then then evaluate.

Keyword: Descriptive words added by PrivCo which can be used to help find companies in an advanced company search. 

You can download the Investor Tearsheet wherever you see the PDF icon. 


The amount of information available on the Financials screen varies greatly, from nothing to extensive, depending on how much PrivCo was able to gather. Since there's no requirement to disclose, this information is often not available. 



Information available available under Organization also varies, and can include address and contact information, founders, executives, subsidiaries, and ownership. 


Funding shows funding by source, total amount per round, and the valuation of the company at the time of the funding. 


Deals shows transactions in which the company was involved, either as acquirer or target. 

 PrivCo offers an extensive glossary of terms under the Knowledge Bank icon in the tool bar to the left of the screen.