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Jerome Robbins Collections: Remote Access to Robbins

A guide to the collections and other materials related to Jerome Robbins.

Remote Robbins Research Resources

If you cannot visit the Library, there are still numerous resources that are accessible and helpful for researching Jerome Robbins. The New York Public Library offers access to e-books and digitized collection material, and there are also other institutions that have dedicated information on Robbins.

Digital Collections

The New York Public Library's Digital Collections offers offsite access to some of our materials. Jerome Robbins is represented heavily here with portions of his own collections, but can also be found in collections from significant photographers such as Martha Swope or Frederick Melton. Included are not just photos of Robbins, but also of his choreography and other work. Below is a short list of materials of note that are in Digital Collections and accessible from home.




There are some wonderful free video sources related to Jerome Robbins that can be found on YouTube. Check out this selection of videos about the man and his work. 



Whether you are doing in depth research, or just want an interesting book to read, we have multiple biographies about Jerome Robbins in e-book form. Check them out below!