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Capital Changes (Formerly Capital Changes Reporter): Getting In

The hardest part about using this database is finding your way in. Once you're there, it's a very simple matter of searching by company name. 

How to Get In

After you click on the Capital Changes link in the database list, your be presented with a page that says, "You do not have access to the product you are trying to open." Ignore this, and click on Cheetah.


Click on Cheetah



On the next screen, click on Securities - Federal and International.


Click on Securities Federal and International


Then click on Capital Changes US.


Here you will find an alphabetical list of all the companies covered. You can simply enter a company name in the search box indicated.



You will see your search results. Click on your company.


You will now see your company report. You can print, download, or email the results.

Result for Verizon