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Finding Places: Printed Gazetteers Within the Library

Gazetteers and Other Place-Name Resources

A Selection of Printed World Gazetteers and Similar Resources

Here are resources, many available on the reading room shelves, in the Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division:

1874  Ritter's geographisch-statistisches Lexikon

1922  Lippincott's gazetteer of the world

1952  The Columbia Lippincott gazetteer of the world

1962  The Columbia Lippincott gazetteer of the world

1967  Glossary of geographical names in six languages

1977  Nomenclature internationale des bureaux de poste

1949 to 1980s, [Gazetteer] / United States Board on Geographic Names.  (Separate volumes by country.)

1998  The Columbia gazetteer of the world 

Please note that other editions (earlier and later) of many of these titles can be found in various locations within the Library. Check the Research Catalog (also known as Classic Catalog) to find more editions, as well as additional titles.


A Selection of Printed Gazetteers, Lists, and Indexes of Place Names for Countries and Larger Regions

UNITED STATES 1884  The national gazetteer; a geographical dictionary of the United States
CANADA 1895  Lovell's gazetteer of British North America
MEXICO 1888-1891  Diccionario geográfico histórico y biográfico de los Estados unidos Mexicanos
HAITI 2016  Dictionnaire géographique et toponymique de la République d'Haïti
GUATEMALA 1953  Departamentos, municipios, ciudades, villas, pueblos, aldeas y caseríos de la República de Guatemala
BRAZIL 1972  Dicionário geográfico brasileiro
EUROPE, CENTRAL AND EASTERN 1991   Where once we walked : a guide to the Jewish communities destroyed in the Holocaust
BRITISH ISLES 1887  Gazetteer of the British isles, statistical and topographical
IRELAND 1851  General alphabetical index to the townlands and towns, parishes, and baronies of Ireland
SCOTLAND 1846  A topographical dictionary of Scotland
FRANCE 1844-1846 Dictionnaire geographique, historique, industriel et commercial de toutes les communes de la France
HUNGARY 2005  Genealogical gazetteer for the Kingdom of Hungary
ETHIOPIA 1888  L'Abissinia e i paesi limitrofi
GHANA 1927  List of names in Gold Coast and British Togo
INDIA 1885-1887  The imperial gazetteer of India
INDONESIA 1916  Beknopt aardrijkskundig woordenboek van Nederlandsch-Indië
IRAN 1969  Farhang-i ābādīhā-yi kishvar
PHILIPPINES  1902  A pronouncing gazetteer and geographical dictionary of the Philippine Islands
TAIWAN 1960 Taiwan di ming ci dian, Chen Cheng-siang
VIETNAM 1961-1975  Where we were in Vietnam
AUSTRALIA 1848  A geographical dictionary or gazetteer of the Australian colonies
OCEANIA 1944  Place names in the Caroline, Marshall, and Mariana islands (except Guam)
ANTARCTICA  1995  Geographic names of the Antarctic

Also be aware that digitized versions of some of these gazetteers are freely available for viewing on sites such as and  

A Mid-20th Century Gazetteer of Afghanistan, from the U.S. Board on Geographic Names series -- example of brief format with latitude and longitude

Image of a title page for a U.S. government gazetteer of Afghanistan.

Image of a page from the U.S. government gazetteer of Afghanistan, showing place names listed alphabetically along with their corresponding latitudes and longitudes.

Courtesy of HathiTrust. United States. Geographic Names Division, and United States. Office of Geography. Afghanistan: Official Standard Names. Washington, 1971.


A Selection of Printed Gazetteers, Dictionaries, and Indexes of Place Names for States and Regions within the United States

An Early 19th Century Gazetteer of New Hampshire -- example of narrative format

A page from the Gazetteer of the State of New-Hampshire, showing alphabetical arrangement and narrative descriptions in short paragraphs for a few place names beginning with letters G and H

Courtesy of HathiTrust. Merrill, Eliphalet, and Phinehas Merrill. Gazetteer of the State of New-Hampshire ... Exeter: Printed by C. Norris & co. for the authors, 1817.


An Early 20th Century Gazetteer of Puerto Rico -- example of brief text format

Image of title page of a 1901 gazetteer of Puerto RicoImage of a page from Gannett's 1901 Gazetteer of Porto Rico, showing alphabetical arrangement and brief descriptive entries for some place names beginning with letter B



Courtesy of HathiTrust. Gannett, Henry, 1846-1914, and Geological Survey (U.S.). A Gazetteer of Porto Rico. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1901.