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Holocaust Research, Education, and Remembrance Online: Education

This guide outlines online resources for Holocaust education and remembrance, including research, curriculum, and multimedia resources.

Educational Resources


Pictured: "Photo number 10: Cwi Rozenwajn with a group of Bedzin partisans".  Churban Tshenstokhov, p. 169.




Some states in the U.S. require Holocaust education in schools and have their own curricula - find more information here.


Additionally, local museums and memorials often have their own programs - find more information here.


The websites listed here provide lesson plans and other materials for educators.


Cyzew page 87 88

Pictured: "Mendl Shedlitsker (of blessed memory) - extended family: sons Moyshe, Hayim, and Yoske, and their children and grandchildren". Yizker-bukh nokh der ḥoreṿ-geṿorener Yidisher ḳehile Ṭshizsheṿe, p. 87-88.


Educational Resources for Remembrance

Lit candle

The Holocaust:  Remembrance, Respect, and Resilience, by Michael Polgar and Suki John 

(Free online textbook from Penn State University )


The Holocaust and Jewish Communities in Wartime North Africa: Lesson Plans (JIMENA, Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa)

This three lesson mini-unit brings in voices from the intersecting histories of the Holocaust and wartime North Africa, illuminating perspectives that are often left out of Holocaust and WWII curricula.


Holocaust Legacies and Oral History in the Classroom (Chad S. A. Gibbs, Eastern European Holocaust Studies)

Survivor oral histories have helped determine research questions in Holocaust studies and propelled the field’s largest archival efforts. With those storytellers now passing at an ever-quickening pace, however, some oral historians are turning to descendants as the faces of memory... This article describes the results of the class “Holocaust Legacies and Oral History. in terms of pedagogies, successes, areas for improvement, and connections created between classroom and community. 


Listening to and Reading Holocaust Testimony: Doc Chat Episode 7 (Center for Research in the Humanities, NYPL)

The Curator of the Dorot Jewish Division, Dr. Lyudmila Sholokhova, interviews Prof. Meri-Jane Rochelson about the oral history of her father, Eli G. Rochelson, part of the American Jewish Committee's Oral History Collection at NYPL.


Holocaust Remembrance Day Lesson Plans and Activities (PBS)


Holocaust Remembrance Day: Online Class for Students (Museum of Jewish Heritage)


Educational Resources: Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Campaign (POLIN Museum)


Centre for Holocaust Education

Research-based classroom materials for Holocaust education.


Echoes and Reflections

Classroom materials and professional development on the Holocaust for middle and high school teachers.


Facing History and Ourselves

Uses lessons of history to challenge teachers and their students to stand up to bigotry and hate.



Holocaust Learning Resources During Covid-19 School Closings (Lakeview Schools)

Compilation of online educational resources for teachers.


Holocaust Museum Houston

Holocaust lesson plans for educators.


International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance

Recommendations and resources for educators.


Jewish Foundation for the Righteous

Helping educators teach the Holocaust and preserve the legacy of Righteous Gentiles.


Jewish Partisans Educational Foundation

Educational materials on Jewish partisans and their life lessons.


Museum of Jewish Heritage: Educational Resources

Holocaust curriculum, professional development for teachers, guides, and more.


New York Times: The Learning Network

Lesson plans, New York Times resources, and websites for teaching and learning about the Holocaust.


Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

Overview of the Holocaust through photographs, documents, arts, music, movies, and literature.


Teaching Tolerance

Free resources to support education for democracy, social justice and anti-bias; includes lesson plans on the Holocaust.


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Comprehensive resources for educators on teaching about the Holocaust.


Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre

Teacher resources including guidelines, lesson plans, activities and video excerpts of testimony.

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