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Jewish Newspapers at the New York Public Library: Current Newspapers

Photograph of a customer at a newsstand

Morris Huberland, Newsstand. New York, NY.

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FAQs about current newspapers

How can I determine what is the most recent issue you've received?

If using the Legacy Catalog, look up a newspaper by title ("journal title") or call number ("staff call number") and click on the result. Near the top of the page, you should see a line that reads "Latest Received" (highlighted below). You can click on the "Latest Received" link to see if more issues are currently expected and when we received the latest issue.

In the Research Catalog, look up a newspaper by title ("journal title") or call number ("standard number") and click on the result (see example below). The most recent issues should be listed at the top. A status of "Arrived" means they are here in the reading room.

It's January. Why is the most recent issue in the reading room from November?

Our current newspapers travel to us from all over the world and can be delayed by circumstances outside of our control. We are happy to answer questions about a specific newspaper that you're waiting for, but we may not be able to tell you much about the reason for a delay or when we expect to receive it.

I prefer to work in the Rose Main Reading Room or another room in the library. Can I request a current newspaper in those locations?

No. Current periodicals from the Dorot Jewish Division can only be read in room 111. Older issues of a periodical that have been bound may be requested to other locations.

How can I read recent issues of Haaretz?

Instead of print copies, we receive microfilm reels of recent issues of this newspaper. These are stored behind our reference desk just like the print newspapers and can be requested using call slips.

The latest issues of Haaretz and many other international newspaper are also available through the PressReader database.

Are any current newspapers available online?

Yes. Some databases, like Ethnic Newswatch and PressReader, include newspapers up to the present.

What about general or non-Jewish periodicals?

The Periodicals Division, located adjacent to our reading room in room 108, holds hundreds of current newspapers and periodicals from around the world. Though they do not collect Jewish periodicals, their collections may also be relevant to your research. Please contact with questions about these items, and see these guides to New York City and international newspapers.

List of current newspapers in the Dorot Jewish Division

This list is accurate as of October 2022. Please refer to the catalog record to see the latest issue received before coming to the Library.

American Israelite

*PBD (American Israelite)

Australian Jewish news

*PBD (Australian Jewish news)

Hamodia : the weekly newspaper of Torah Jewry

*PBD 98-1106

Der Id = Der Yid.

*PBB (Yid)

The Jerusalem post.

*PBD (Jerusalem post [weekly overseas ed.])

The Jewish chronicle

*PBD (Jewish chronicle [London, England])

The Jewish herald-voice

*PBD (Jewish Herald voice)

Jewish Press [Brooklyn]

*PBD (Jewish Press [Brooklyn])

Jewish tribune [London]

*PBD (Jewish tribune [London])

Jüdische Allgemeine : Wochenzeitung für Politik, Kultur, Religion und Jüdisches Leben.

*PXS+++ 02-210

The Messianic times.

*PGI++ 04-70

Mundo Israelita 

*PBH (Mundo Israelita)

Di tsayṭung : nayes barikhṭ = News report.

*PBB (Tsaytung : nayes barikht)

Yated ne'eman

*PBD (Yated Ne'eman)