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Job Interview: Articles

Library resources for job interviews.


There are many job interview types such as one-one interviews, panel interviews, telephone interviews, teleconferencing interviews, breakfast or lunch interviews, stress interviews, on-the-job interviews, and job fair interviews. Keep up to date by researching databases for recent articles that may offer tips on preparing for all types of job interviews. Below you will find a list of NYPL databases that you can use to search for current articles. 


List of databases that you can use to search for articles about writing cover letters and resumes. All databases are accessible remotely with your NYPL card and PIN number. 

Academic Search Premier

Search for articles that may provide tips to prepare and succeed in the job interview using the Academic Search Premier database.

Doing a general search by typing "job interview" in the Basic Search text box will bring thousands of articles. However, if you want to be specific, do an Advanced Search to retrieve concrete results.


Start by clicking on Advanced Search, enter your query "job interview," and click on the Select A Field drop-down option to the right of the search box to choose TI Title. Putting the words in quotations will search for these words as a phrase. 

On the left-hand side, choose the OR boolean operator to broaden the search and enter the query "employment interview." Again, click on the Select A Field drop-down option to the search box's right to choose TI TitleProceed to Click on the green Search button. 

This will search for articles that include the keywords or phrases "job interview" or "employment interview" in their title. Limit your results to full-text articles by clicking on Linked Full Text, and choose a publication date range. 

However, if you want to broaden your search, you can do a Basic Search by entering the query job interview tips, and you will get more results.