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Job Interview: Salary Negotiation

Library resources for job interviews.

LinkedIn Learning - View video courses about Negotiation Tips and Salary Negotiation.

The New York Public Library has various resources such as books, e-books, and online video courses that will help you to prepare yourself to negotiate your salary during a job interview. 

Start by learning salary negotiation tips by viewing video courses on the LinkedIn Learning database, formerly known as The courses are presented and led by career coaches and business professionals. They are ranked into three levels; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Start by login into LinkedIn Learning ( by clicking on the link below and logging in with your NYPL library card and PIN. First, create an account to track course progress, create playlists of potential coursework, and keep course notes. Some courses provide supplemental materials like exercise files and relevant work samples that you can download.

Access the LinkedIn Learning database at 

See below for more details.

Searching LinkedIn Learning

After you click on "Connect to database," you will be prompted to the screen below stating that our has been upgraded.

Click on Get Started, and you will get to the next screen.

Again click on Get Started, and the next window will ask you to enter your NYPL card number and PIN. Then, click on Continue.


After you log into the LinkedIn Learning database, do a keyword search in the library's search box. 

Type in the keywords salary negotiation or negotiation skills or negotiation tips in the library's search box, and then press the search button (magnifying) tool.


Look on the left-hand side to filter your results: under the TYPE heading, click on Courses or Learning Paths.  Learning Paths are compiled playlists of related video courses on a specific topic or career track. You can also filter by choosing a skill Level; Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced

Then you can sort the results by Best Match, View Count, or Newest

You can also view video courses in other languages:


LinkedIn Learning's Interface



Samples of Courses for Salary Negotiation:



Samples of Courses for Negotiation Skills:


Recommended Video Courses for Salary Negotiation and Negotiation Skills: 

Asking for a Raise - Lisa Gates (43m) --- 7/1/2019

Complex Negotiation Tips - Carolyn Goerner  (1h 5m) --- 12/11/2020  

How to Get a Pay Raise - Careercake (40m) --- 9/5/2019 

Negotiating Your Salary - Valerie Sutton (52m) --- 8/2/2018

Negotiating Your Job Offer - Christine DiDonato (1h 19m) --- 10/7/2016         

Negotiating with Agility - Michael Wheeler (1h 7m) --- 4/17/2019

Negotiation Skills -  Chris Croft (2h 12m) --- 7/18/2017

Negotiation Foundations - Lisa Gates (1h 5m) --- 5/8/2018

Strategic Negotiation - Mike Figliuolo (47m) --- 11/16/2019