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Mergent Archives: Mergent/Moody's Manuals and Bond Record

Mergent Manuals began as Moody's Industrial Manual in 1909. It changed titles over the years, and in the 1990s was sold and changed name to Mergent. In later years, it was split into several titles, Industrial, Bank and Finance, Public Utility, OTC, etc. The manuals offer a wide range of information about companies, including history, description, management and officers, and financials. 

Mergent Manuals

Search by typing the name of the company. You can also specify a particular manual and the year. 


The Municipal Manuals offer information on municipal and government bonds. Search by entering the the name of the issuing agency. Entries for each year include individual bond issues.  


Mergent Bond Record (formerly Moody's) is a print publication that lists bond issues by issuer, with a simple single line of key data such as coupon, maturity, Moody's bond rating, amount outstanding, and date issued. Mergent Archives provides PDF copies  of the monthly publication going back to 2004.