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New York City Neighborhood Research: Building Research

Researching the history of the life of places in New York City takes on a life of its own.

Building Research

The Milstein Division has published a detailed Guide to New York City Building Research. Before you begin to access resources, it is important to first ask yourself questions that your research will attempt to answer:

  • What does it look like? What did it look like? For example, the Times Tower in Times Square, built in 1904 after the Campanile at the Florence Chapel, might now resemble a pizzeria napkin holder more than 14th-century Italian architecture.
  • What year was it built? 
  • Who was the architect? Who was the builder? 
  • Who is the building owner?
  • Is it residential? Who lived there? 
  • Is it commercial? Who were and are the business occupants?
  • What is the neighborhood like?