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Silent Films Research at the Library for the Performing Arts: Films - 1930s and undated

A guide to the films and Special Collections held at the Library for the Performing Arts that document the Silent Film era.

Index to Films

NYPL holds more than 1100 individual titles from the Silent Film era, often in different physical media formats. These links will take you into the NYPL's catalog to see more complete information about each title and individual media format. Most of these media are from our circulating collections and can checked out for home viewing. A few media are part of our research collections and can be requested to view onsite at the Library for the Performing Arts. 

Index to Films - 1930s and beyond and undated

Title Date Media Media Media
Dames ahoy / directed by William J. Craft 1930 VHS    
Earth / directed by  Oleksandr Dovzhenko 1930 16mm    
Felix woos whoopee / directed by Otto Messmer 1930 VHS    
Forty winks / directed by Otto Messmer 1930 16mm    
Hell-bound train / directed by James and Eloyce Gist 1930 DVD    
Hogaraka ni ayume = Walk cheerfully / directed by Yasujiro Ozu 1930 DVD    
Menschen am Sonntag: ein Film ohne Schauspieler / directed by Curt Siodmak, Robert Siodmak and Edgar Ulmer. 1930 DVD    
Sono yo no tsuma = That night's wife / directed by Yasujiro Ozu 1930 DVD    
The comeback / directed by Reinhold Schuenzel 1930 VHS    
The silent enemy: an epic of the American Indian / directed by H.P. Carver 1930 DVD    
Zeml︠i︡a = Earth / directed by Alexander Dovzhenko 1930 DVD DVD  
Mexican study film / directed by Sergei Eisenstein 1930-1931 16mm    
A Bronx morning / directed by Jay Leyda 1931 16mm DVD  
Koshiben ganbare = Flunky, work hard / directed by Mikio Naruse 1931 DVD    
Tabu / directed by F.W. Murnau 1931 16mm DVD DVD
Tōkyō no kōrasu / directed by Yasujiro Ozu 1931 DVD    
Nasanu naka = No Blood Relation / directed by Mikio Naruse 1932 DVD    
Umarete wa mita keredo = I was born, but... / directed by Yasujiro Ozu 1932 DVD    
Apart from you / directed by Mikio Naruse 1933 DVD    
Dekigokoro = Passing fancy / directed by Yasujiro Ozu 1933 DVD    
Every-night dreams / directed by Mikio Naruse 1933 DVD    
Floating weeds / directed by Yasujiro Ozu 1934 DVD    
Kagirinaki hodō / directed by Naruse Mikio 1934 DVD    
Schastʹe = Happiness / directed by Aleksandr Medvedkin 1934 VHS    
Legong: dance of the virgins / directed by Henry de la Falaise 1935 DVD    
Cologne: from the diary of Ray and Esther / directed by
Esther Dowidat (uncredited) and Raymond Dowidat (uncredited)
1939 DVD    
Blue movies / Anonymous director undated DVD    
The fairy's farewell / Anonymous director undated DVD