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Silent Films Research at the Library for the Performing Arts: Rare Books and Magazines

A guide to the films and Special Collections held at the Library for the Performing Arts that document the Silent Film era.

List of Titles

Billy Rose Theatre Division


History of the kinetograph, kinetoscope and kinetophonograph. By W.K.L. Dickson and Antonia Dickson. [New York, A. Bunn, 1895]
MFL [RBS] (Dickson, W. K. L. History of the kinetograph, kinetoscope and kinetophonograph)

Living pictures : their history, photo-production and practical working, with a digest of British patents and annotated bibliography / by Henry V. Hopwood. London : Optician & photographic trades review, 1899 ([London] : Gutenberg Press)
MFL [RBS] 95-18

La photographie animée / par Eug. Trutat ; avec une préf. de J. Marey. Paris : Gauthier-Villars, 1899.
MFL [RBS] 95-54

Kinematograph weekly. v. 1-651 (no. 1-3337); Nov. 1904-Sept. 1971 (incomplete)|
MFLA+ (Kinematograph weekly)

Handbook for motion picture and stereopticon operators / by C. Francis Jenkins, Oscar B. Depue. Washington, D.C., U.S.A. : Knega Co., c1908.
MFL [RBS] 95-26

Handbuch der praktischen Kinematographie : die verschiedenen Konstruktions-Formen des Kinematographen, die Darstellung der lebenden Lichtbilder sowie das kinematographische Aufnahme-Verfahren / von F. Paul Liesegang. Leipzig : Ed. Liesegang's Verlag, 1908.
MFL [RBS] 95-31

Die Kinematographie : Wesen, Entstehung und Ziele des lebenden Bildes / von K.W. Wolf-Czapek. Dresden : Union Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft, 1908.
MFL [RBS] 95-60

Kinematographenrecht : Vortrag, gehalten in der juristischen Gesellschaft zu Berlin am 12. Juni 1909 / von Georg Cohn. Berlin : R. v. Decker's Verlag, [1909]
MFL+ [RBS] 95-62

The motion picture, its making and its theater / by David S. Hulfish. Chicago : Electricity Magazine Corp., 1909.
MFL [RBS] 98-1

Les origines du cinématographe / Georges Demeny. Paris : H. Paulin, [1909]
MFL [RBS] 95-10


[Pathé Frères film d'art: description of moving picture films]. [New York : Pathé Fréres, 1909]
MFL [RBS] 95-41


Theorie der kinematographischen Projektionen / von Karl Marbe. Leipzig : Verlag von J.A. Barth, 1910.
MFL [RBS] 95-36


Handbook / the Natural Color Kinematograph Co. London : Natural Color Kinematograph Co., c1910.
MFL [RBS] 95-39


Cyclopedia of motion-picture work : a general reference work on the optical lantern, motion head, specific projecting machines, talking pictures, color motography, fixed camera photography, motography, photo-plays, motion-picture theater, management and operation, audience, program, etc / prepared by David S. Hulfish. Chicago : American Technical Society, 1911.
MFL [RBS] 95-22
MFL [RBS] 95-23


Der Kinematograph als Bildungsmittel : eine kulturpolitische Untersuchung / von Ernst Schultze. Halle a.d.S. : Buchhandlung des Waisenhauses, 1911.
MFL [RBS] 95-49


Pathé Frères films. New York : Pathé Frères, 1911-1912.
MFL+ [RBS] 95-75


Pathé's weekly. New York City : Pathé Frères, 1911-1913 ([New York : McConnell Printing Co.])
MFL+ [RBS] 97-29


Handbuch der praktischen Kinematographie : die verschiedenen Konstruktions-Formen des Kinematographen, die Darstellung der lebenden Lichtbilder sowie das kinematographische Aufnahme-Verfahren / von F. Paul Liesegang. Düsseldorf : Ed. Liesegang, 1912.
MFL [RBS] 95-32


La technique cinématographique : projection, fabrication des films / par Léopold Lobel. Paris : H. Dunod et E. Pinat, 1912.
MFL [RBS] 95-34


The handbook of kinematography: the history, theory, and practice of motion photography and projection / by Colin N. Bennett and collaborators. London : Kinematograph weekly, 1913.
MFL [RBS] 95-5


Submarine Motion Picture Corporation. Prospectus, circa 1913.
MFL+ [RBS] 95-76


Der Kinematograph und das sich bewegende Bild : Geschichte und technische Entwicklung der Kinematographie bis zur Gegenwart / von Carl Forch. Wien und Leipzig : A. Hartleben's Verlag, 1913.
MFL [RBS] 95-14


Motion-picture work : a general treatise on picture taking, picture making, photo-plays, and theater management and operation / by David S. Hulfish. Chicago : American Technical Society, 1915, c1913.
MFL [RBS] 95-24


Motography's hand book and film record. Listing all films both licensed and independent issued between Oct. 1, 1912 and Sept. 30, 1913, inclusive. Chicago, U.S.A. : Electricity Magazine Corp., 1913.
MFL [RBS] 95-38


The Modern bioscope operator. London : Ganes, 1913.
MFL [RBS] 95-37


Portraits of popular picture players. Year 1913. Brooklyn, N.Y. : M.P. Pub. Co., [1913]
MFL [RBS] 95-42


Practical cinematography and its applications / by Frederick A. Talbot. Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott ; London : William Heinemann, 1913.
MFL [RBS] 95-52


How to run a picture theatre : a handbook for proprietors, managers and exhibitors. London : Published by E.T. Heron & Co., [1914]
MFL [RBS] 95-20


Motion picture making and exhibiting : a comprehensive volume treating the principles of motography; the making of motion pictures; the scenario; the motion picture theater; the projector; the conduct of film exhibiting; methods of coloring films; talking pictures, etc. / by John B. Rathbun. Chicago : Charles C. Thompson Co., c1914.
MFL [RBS] 95-44


The American motion picture directory : a cyclopedic directory of the motion picture industry. 1914-15. Chicago, U.S.A. : American Motion Picture Directory Co., c1915.
MFL [RBS] 95-2


Hopwood's living pictures : their history, photo-production, and practical working, with classified lists of British patents and bibliography / by R.B. Foster. London : Hatton Press, 1915.
MFL [RBS] 95-17


The Cinematograph book : a complete practical guide to the taking and projecting of cinematograph pictures / edited by Bernard E. Jones. London ; New York : Cassell and Co., 1915.
MFL [RBS] 95-27


Who's who in the motion picture world / compiled and published by Who's Who in Pictures Publishing Co. New York, N.Y. : Who's Who in Pictures Publishing Co., [1915]
MFL [RBS] 95-59


[Collection of photogravure reproductions of stills for motion pictures distributed by George Kleine, chiefly produced by Thomas A. Edison Inc. or Edison Studios]. Chicago, Ill. : George Kleine, [1915-1916]; (Chicago : Western Photogravure Co.)
MFL+ [RBS] 95-64


How to make and operate moving pictures : a complete practical guide to the taking and projecting of cinematograph pictures / edited by Bernard E. Jones. New York ; London : Funk & Wagnalls Co., 1916.
MFL [RBS] 95-28


A-B-C of motion pictures / by Robert E. Welsh. New York ;  London : Harper & Brothers, c1916.
MFL [RBS] 95-57


The guide to kinematography : for camera men, operators, and all who "want to know" / by Colin N. Bennett, at the suggestion and guidance of E.T. Heron. London : E.T. Heron, 1917.
MFL [RBS] 95-7


Motion picture operation : stage electrics and illusions : a practical hand-book and guide for theater electricians, motion picture operators and managers of theaters and productions / by Henry C. Horstmann and Victor H. Tousley. Chicago : F.J. Drake, c1917.
MFL [RBS] 95-19


Le cinéma / Henri Diamant-Berger. Paris : Renaissance du livre, c1919.
MFL [RBS] 95-11


Leitfaden für Kinooperateure und Kinobesitzer / von Paul Schrott. Wien : Waldheim-Eberle ; Leipzig : Otto Klemm, 1919.
MFL [RBS] 95-48


[Guides for exhibitors containing newspaper and advertising material from the Fox Film Corporation]. [New York : Fox Film Corp., 1919?]
MFL [RBS] 95-16


A 25 éves mozi : a magyar kinematográfia negyedszázados története / szerkesztették, Lányi Victor, Radó István, Held Albert ; a 225 rajzot készitette, Sátori Lipót. Budapest : Biró Miklós nyomdai mʺuintézete, 1920.
MFL [RBS] 95-25


The first one hundred noted men and women of the screen / by Carolyn Lowrey. New York : Moffat, Yard and Co., 1920.
MFL [RBS] 95-109


The art of cineplastics / by Elie Faure ; translated from the French by Walter Pach. Boston : The Four Seas Company, 1923.
MFL [RBS] 95-13


Warner Brothers Classics of the screen. New York : Warner Bros., c1923.
MFL+ [RBS] 95-74


[Collection of campaign books for exhibitors]. [New York : Associated Exhibitors, Inc., 1924?]
MFL+ [RBS] 95-61


The truth about the movies, by the stars / Laurence A. Hughes, editor. Hollywood, Calif., U.S.A. : Hollywood Publishers, c1924.
MFL [RBS] 95-21


The merger and the new season : productions for release, 1924-25. [New York : Metro-Goldwyn Distributing Corp., 1925] (New York City : Gordon Press)
MFL+ [RBS] 95-68


Metro-Goldwyn presents for 1925-1926 : 52 history making pictures : the first half to be presented as the perfect 26. N.Y.C. : Metro-Goldwyn Distributing Corp., c1925 (N.Y. : Gordon Press)
MFL+ [RBS] 95-71


Advance information : embodying synopses, catchlines and casts to date on William Fox special productions, for the season of 1925/26. [New York] : Fox Film Corp., [1925?]
MFL [RBS] 95-15


[Collection of exhibitors' campaign books of the United Artists Corporation]. [New York : United Artists Corp., 1925?]
MFL+ [RBS] 95-72


Das grosse Bilderbuch des Films / herausgegeben vom Filmkurier ; [verantwortlich für den redaktionellen Inhalt: Ernst Jäger]. Berlin : Verlag Film-Kurier, [1926?]
MFL+ [RBS] 95-63


Projektion und Projektionsvortrag / von Dr. Kuhfahl. Berlin : Union Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft, [1926]
MFL [RBS] 95-29


La vérité sur l'invention de la projection animée : Emile Reynaud : sa vie et ses travaux / par Maurice Noverre ; lettre-préface de Victor Collignon. [France] : Imprimé pour l'auteur, [1926] (Brest : Impr. A. Huau)
MFL [RBS] 95-40


A million and one nights : a history of the motion picture / Terry Ramsaye. New York : Simon and Schuster, 1926.
MFL [RBS] 95-43


The big parade of stars : the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lion : king of them all. [New York] : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, [1927] ([New York : Gordon Press])
MFL+ [RBS] 95-67


Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents the parade of hits for 1926-1927 : 52 star studded motion pictures. [New York City] : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, [1927] ([New York : Gordon Press])
MFL+ [RBS] 95-70


Publicity sheets from the Advertising and Publicity Department of the Fox Film Corporation. [New York : Fox Film Corp., 1927?]
MFL [RBS] 95-107


Album de cinelandia : biografias y retratos auténticos / Lucio A. Villegas, editor. Hollywood : [s.n.], c1928 (Los Angeles : Mac Printing Co.)
MFL+ [RBS] 95-73


Walking shadows : an essay on Lotte Reiniger's silhouette films / Eric Walter White. London : Leonard and Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth Press, 1931.
MFL [RBS] 95-58


Caligari : the story of a famous story, [193-?] / by Hans Janowitz.
MFLP [RBS] 96-98