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Jewish Cookbooks: Vegetarian


Jewish Vegetarianism

More Information about this TitleThere is a long tradition of Jewish vegetarianism for practical and religious reasons. Given the Jewish dietary laws (kashrut) governing the separation of meat and dairy, and the prohibition of certain foods, vegetarianism simplifies many of the associated dilemmas. Some interpret the Torah's mandate not to cause "tsar baalei hayim" (suffering to animals), and religious principles of environmental stewardship, as Jewish reasons for vegetarianism. Health can also be a deciding factor. Therefore, you will find ample vegetarian recipes in many Jewish cookbooks, including exclusively vegetarian Jewish cookbooks. Whether for special holiday recipes, everyday cooking, or exploring new cuisines, there are many options.

How to find Jewish vegetarian cookbooks:

In the Library's catalog, use the keywords "Jewish cooking" and "vegetarian" and "vegan"

See pages 35-36 of the collection guide