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Mapping Local and Commuter Rail Transit in NYC: LIRR

This guide covers how to research for maps related to subways and railroads in New York City within the Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal's Map Division.

Quick Facts about LIRR

  • Long Island Rail Road Station - Crowd outside stationLIRR is an initialism for Long Island Rail Road.
  • Years of Note:
    • 1834: The Long Island Rail Road Company was incorporated, with its first line opening in 1844.
    • 1900: Pennsylvania Railroad Company acquired the majority of the Long Island Rail Road Company's stocks, making the LIRR part of the Pennsylvania Railroad system. 
    • 1966: Pennsylvania Railroad Company sold the operations to New York State.
    • 1968: Has since been operated by the MTA.

Image Source: Long Island Rail Road Station - Crowd outside station. NYPL Digital Collections Image ID 1677179

A Selection of LIRR Maps at NYPL's Map Division

Railroad suburbs between Hollis and Mineola

Image Source: Railroad suburbs between Hollis and Mineola. 1907. NYPL Digital Collections Image ID 5082570

How to Search the Catalog for LIRR Maps

Online Research Catalog

When using the Online Research Catalog:

Dictionary Catalog

Current LIRR Maps

To find the most updated LIRR Map, we highly recommend reviewing the  MTA Website, specifically their Maps Page. Under "MTA Railroads," you can find a map that shows the routes for the LIRR.

Additional Recommended Books and Documents at NYPL

To find supplementary books and documents related to the LIRR, please conduct the searches listed on this page's "Catalog Tips" with "Cartographic" NOT checkmarked in either our Online Research Catalog or Digital Collections Portal. See below for a list of recommended materials: