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The Rodgers and Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound: REQUEST

A discovery and access guide to Recorded Sound collections at The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

AudioVisual Requests

Listening to Recordings:

Submit a call slip with your selection to the staff member at the A/V Playback Desk located on the third floor of the Library. After submitting the request, a staff member will seat you in a booth designed for streamed listening and viewing; patrons can directly communicate with an A/V Technician to ask for the next selection or report issues with playback. The A/V Playback staff will provide headphones and deliver record jackets and liner notes upon request. 

Please Note: to protect our audiovisual materials; we do not allow patrons to handle them without permission. Contact us at about the access policy for our physical carriers.

Unavailable Recordings:

Some recordings require an assessment before playing. Please speak with one of the Music & Recorded Sound staff members to inquire about recordings that are not available for on-demand requests or send an email with the call number and title for the request(s). A staff member will respond within 2-3 business days with a status update and information regarding alternate access to the content. 

Print Material Requests

You can request books, periodicals, discographies, record company catalogs, clippings, microfilm, and other print materials related to recorded sound on the third-floor Print Delivery Desk.

Please Note: you can only submit four call slips at once; each should be vetted and initialed by a Music & Recorded Sound Librarian and contain:

  • A call number
  • Title
  • Your name
  • The last four digits of your library card barcode