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Remote Map Research at NYPL: Digitized Maps

Access to Collections and Services

Collections of Digitized Maps

View thousands of digitized images of maps from the Map Division as well as other NYPL research collections, such as the Print Collection’s I.N. Phelps Stokes Collection of American Historical Prints, at NYPL’s Digital Collections page.

Learn how to search NYPL’s digital images of old maps by location (those images that have been georeferenced) using our Map Warper tool.  

If you need to browse map images beyond the resources of The New York Public Library, you can turn to, for early map images from a variety of contributing map collections.  While you can do handy location-based searches at this site, it is limited to the georeferenced maps from the contributing libraries.  For access to the fuller digitized resources of these libraries, or for title-specific searches, you will want to go to the individual collection sites, such as or the Library of Congress maps available online.  For suggestions of a selection of other map collection sites, see "Map Division Research Guides" (especially "Digital Map Galleries") on the Research Guides tab.

For current and historical topographical maps, with different kinds of detail than what you will find on comprehensive online mapping sites like Google Maps or Bing Maps, look for:

  • United States coverage at topoView, a site of the United States Geological Survey;
  • Coverage of Europe and Mediterranean countries at CartoMundi;
  • Coverage of all parts of the world at the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection online.  (This site also has images of many other kinds of maps, including links to coronavirus maps from various sources.)

Online Research Consultations

Map Division librarians and curators are available via email to answer research-specific questions.  One can also make an appointment for a virtual consultation.

Maps from NYPL's Digital Collections

High Resolution Digital Reproductions

For a large percentage of the map images in NYPL’s Digital Collections, researchers are free to download and use the high resolution digital files. Scroll down below your image of interest and look for a bar on the right side of the screen that says “Free to use without restriction.”  Look just above that for the dropdown menu with the heading “All download options,” and select the option that is right for your purposes. Please contact Permissions at for further questions relating to obtaining digital files for reproduction.