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New York City Newspapers at The New York Public Library: New York City

Newspapers of General Circulation Since 1900

Commercial Advertiser

New-York Commercial Advertiser  (1895-1904)
The Globe and Commercial Advertiser (1904-1923)

Preceding titles
New-York Commercial Advertiser (1797-1891)
call number: *ZY (New York Commercial Advertiser)

The Commercial Advertiser (1889-1892)
call number: *ZY (Commercial Advertiser)

Digital Resource
Commercial Advertiser (1797-1876)
In America's Historical Newspapers

Daily Compass

The Daily Compass (1949-1952)
call number: *ZY (The Daily Compass)

Daily News

Daily News 
call number: *R-*ZY (New York Daily News) 
includes preceding title: The News (1919-1920)

Digital Resources
Daily News (1920 -  2008) 
in ProQuest Northeast Regional Historical Newspapers
Includes preceding title: 
The News (1919-1920)

Daily News (2004-current)
in PressReader

Daily Mirror

Daily Mirror (1924-1972)
Uniform Title: New York Daily Mirror (New York, N.Y.)
call number: *ZY (Mirror, New York)

Evening Mail

Evening Mail (1904-1924)
Continues:  Evening Mail and Express 
Absorbed By: Evening Telegram 

Evening Sun

The Evening Sun (1887-1920)
Call number: *ZY (Evening Sun)

Digital Resource
The Evening Sun  July 18 - November 9, 1907
via Center for Research Libraries

Evening Telegram

The Evening Telegram (1867-1924)
The New York Telegram and Evening Mail (1924-1925)
The New York Telegram (1925-1931)
The Evening World, The World, The New York Telegram (1931)

Call number: *ZY (Evening telegram)

Evening World

Evening World (1887-1931)

Digital Resource
Evening World (1887-1922)
in Chronicling America (freely available)


The Globe and Commercial Advertiser  (1904-1923)
Alternative title: Globe (New York, N.Y. : 1904)
Preceding title: Commercial Advertiser (New York, N.Y. :1895)
Absorbed by: Sun (New York, N.Y. :1920)

Mail and Express

The Mail and Express.(1898-1903)
Formed By: Evening Mail and New York Evening Express
Continued By: Evening Mail and Express 

New York American

New York American (1906-1937)
Call number: *ZY (New York American, NY) 

New York Amsterdam News

New York Amsterdam News 
at Schomburg Center and offsite copy in Research Catalog.

Digital Resource
New York Amsterdam News (1922-1993)
in ProQuest Historical Newspapers

New York Evening Graphic

New York Evening Graphic (1924-1932)
Alternative title: Evening Graphic
Call number: *ZY (New York Evening Graphic)

New York Evening Journal

New York Journal (1896-1897)
New York Evening Journal.(1897-1909)
New York Journal and Advertiser 1897-1901)
N.Y. Evening Journal (1909-1911)
New York Journal (1911-1913)
New York Evening Journal (1913-1937)
New York Journal and American (1937-1941)
call number: *ZY (New York Evening Journal, N.Y.)
New York Journal American (1941-1966)
call number: *ZY (New York Journal American) 

Digital Resource
New York Journal and Related Titles, 1896 to 1899 
Library of Congress

New York Herald

New York Herald (1840-1920) (Research catalog)
New York Herald. (1920-1924)
The New York Herald, New York Tribune.(1924-1926)
Call number: *R-*ZY (New York Herald)  

Also offsite copy in Research Catalog.
New York Herald (1840-1924) (Princeton)

Morning Herald. (1837-1840)
The Herald (1835-1837)

Digital Resources
in Chronicling America
The Herald (1836-1837)
Morning Herald (1837-1842)
New York Herald (1842-1879, 1920) 
The New York Herald (1920-1922)

in America's Historical Newspapers (Newsbank)
New York Herald (1802-1817)
New York Herald (1835-1898) 
New-York Morning Herald 1930 with gaps)

in Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers (Gale)
New York Herald (1830-1863)

Years not covered in Chronicling America: (1880-1919, 1923-1924)
Years not covered in a digital resource: (1898-1919, 1923-1924)

New York Herald Tribune

New York Herald Tribune 
The New York Herald, New York Tribune. (1924-1926)
The New York Herald Tribune. (1926-1966)

Digital Resource
ProQuest Historical Newspapers: New York Tribune / Herald Tribune
The New York Herald, New York Tribune (1924-1926)
New York Herald Tribune (1926-1962) 
*Note, the last issue in ProQuest: Dec 31, 1962. Final edition on microfilm is April 24, 1966.

New York Post

New York Post (1801-current)
Call number: *R-*ZY 74-11

Indexed in:
Global Newsstream (ProQuest) 08/13/1998-

New-York evening post (1816-1819)
Evening Post (New York, N.Y. : Semiweekly) (1850-1901)

Digital Resources
in NYS Historic Newspapers (freely available) 
New-York Evening Post (1801-1832)
Evening Post (1832-1920)
New York Evening Post (1920-1927)

New York Post (December 13, 2005 to date)
in PressReader

New York Press

The New York Press (1896-1916)
call number: *ZY (New York Press)

The Press (1887-1896)
call number: *ZY (New York Press. 1887-1896) 

New York Star

New York Star (1948-1949)

New York Star, formerly PM (1948)
PM (New York, N.Y) (1940-1948)

New York Times

The New York Times Magazine is on the reels and in the databases with the newspaper. Also in Gale and ProQuest Research (see below).
The New York Times Book Review is on the reels and in the databases with the newspaper.

Last six months in Dewitt Wallace Periodicals Reading Room, room 108

Digital Resources
Full text page images in:
New York Times (1851-2016) w/ Index (ProQuest Historical Newspapers)
ProQuest Recent Newspapers: The New York Times (2008 - 3 months ago) 

Also in
New York Times (1980-present) ProQuest
Text and images but not page images (in library)
New York State Newspapers Gale
1985 - current text only. 1965 - current  -- indexing 
New York Times Online (1996 - current day)
Website, blogs, podcasts - text only
Factiva (formerly Dow Jones Interactive) text only, onsite at Thomas Yoseloff Business Center

Due to the number of items and copies there are multiple records in Catalog.
There are four main records in Catalog.
Years onsite: 1969 - 2021 
*ZY (New York Times) (Record #1) 1857-1960
b211481154 (2017 items)

*ZY (New York Times) (Record #2)1961-1999.
b211484477 (1388 items)

*R-*ZY (New York Times) (Record #3) 2000-
b211686785 (1080 items)
(2008 - 2021 onsite)

*ZAN-B297 (1969-2007)
b211481142 (1174 items)
(1969 - 2007 onsite)

New York Times Book Review 
Print: call number: N-10 2597 Library has: Oct. 1896-1916, 1927-1981.
Book Review is in the ProQuest databases and on microfilm with the newspaper.
Also in:
ProQuest Research Library 1988 - current,  page images
HathiTrust (1896-1925)
Many title variations prior to 1923.

New York Times Magazine  ProQuest (1988-present). Gale OneFile (1985-present) text only.
ProQuest Historical Newspapers (to 2016) 
ProQuest Research 1997 - present, page images, color.  1986 - present citations
ProQuest Recent Newspapers (2008-3 months ago)

New-York Tribune

New-York Daily Tribune (1842-1866) 
New-York Tribune (1866-1924)
call number: *R-*ZY (New York Tribune)

World Journal Tribune (1966-1967)
call number: *ZY (World Journal Tribune)
Formed by the union of: New York World-Telegram and The Sun, and:
New York Journal American, and: New York Herald Tribune
Publication Date: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 12, 1966)-v. 1, no. 233 (May 5, 1967)

Digital Resources
in ProQuest Historical Newspapers: New York Tribune / Herald Tribune 
New-York Tribune (1841-1842)
New-York Daily Tribune (1842-1866)
New-York Tribune (1866-1924)
ProQuest Civil War Era / New York Herald (1840-1865) 

in Chronicling America 
New-York Daily Tribune  (1842- 1866)
New-York Tribune.(1866-1922)

The New York Daily Tribune Index [microform]. (1875-1906)
The New York Daily Tribune Index HathiTrust (1875-1906)
New York Tribune Index (1875-1906) Eight Centuries, on-site access

New-York Spectator

New-York Spectator (1804-1867)
New York Spectator and Weekly Commercial Advertiser (1867-1875)
The Spectator (1797-1904)

Digital Resource
New-York Spectator (1797-1851)
in America's Historical Newspapers

New York Newsday

New York Newsday (1983-1996) 
call number *ZY 86-84

Digital Resource
No digital resource for New York Newsday 

See "Boroughs, Neighborhoods, and Metro" tab for Nassau edition. 

PM Daily

PM (New York, N.Y.) (1940-1948)
Alternate title: PM Daily
Alternate title:: PM
About PM
PM on Wikipedia

Succeeding Title
New York star, formerly PM [microform]. (1948)
New York Star. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) (1948-1949)

Digital Resource
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Sun (New York, N.Y. : 1833) (1833-1916) 
Call number: *ZY (Sun (New York, N.Y. : 1833)) 
Sun (New York, N.Y. : 1916) (1916-1920)
Call number: *ZY New York Sun 
Sun (New York, N.Y. : 1920) (1920-1950) 
New York World-Telegram and The Sun (1950-1966)
Call number: *ZY (World Telegram and Sun, NY)

Digital Resource
In Chronicling America
The Sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916 (1859-1916)
The Sun and New York press. (New York [N.Y.]) 1916-1916
Sun 1916 - 1920

(1959-1966) in



World (New York, N.Y. : 1860 : Daily)(1860-1861) [Alexander Cummings]
The World and Morning Courier and New-York Enquirer. (1861-1863) *ZY (World. New York, N.Y)
World (New York, N.Y. : 1863) (1863-1881) *ZY (World. New York, N.Y)
New York World (New York, N.Y. : 1881 : Daily) (to 1883) (7 reels)
World (New York, N.Y. : 1883 : Daily) (1883-1931) (517 reels) Joseph Pulitzer
New York World-Telegram (1931-1950)
>Copy at Columbia, Butler Library: New York world-telegram (Library has: 1935:Nov.-1950:Jan.4)
New York World-Telegram and The Sun (1950-1966) *ZY (World Telegram and Sun, NY)

Digital Resources
World in Fulton Search (1862-1882)
World 1890 - 1899 in Library Edition
World via Center for Research Libraries: 
(May 11 - Aug 1883; 1885; Nov 16, 1894-1895; Jan 23-Dec 1921)
New York World (thrice a week) via Center for Research Libraries: (1898-Jan 10, 1902)