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Lou Reed Papers: Lou Reed Collection of Books and Periodicals

The Hidden Corners of the Lou Reed Papers

The Lou Reed Collection of Books and Periodicals

The Lou Reed Collection of Books and Periodicals consist of published books and periodicals from Lou Reed's personal library. Many of the books were written by Reed or relate to his career, while others were books on a range of topics in literature, the arts, and hobbies. The majority of the periodicals contain articles or artwork by or about Reed, or about the arts and literature that inspired him.

The collection consists of three series:

  • Books by Lou Reed
  • Books and Periodicals about Lou Reed
  • Books and Periodicals on general topics

Items within each series are arranged roughly by size.

Books by Lou Reed

Includes songbooks and monographs, as well as edited volumes and special editions where Lou Reed served as author, contributor, or designer.

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Sewall-Ruskin, Yvonne. High on rebellion: inside the underground at Max's Kansas City. Foreword by Lou Reed
1998, New York: Thunder's Mouth Press

Reed, Lou. New York
1989, Hollywood: Metal Machine Music

Reed, Lou. Words and music
1991, Seacaucus, N.J.: Warner Bros. Publications

Reed, Lou and John Cale. Songs for Drella
1990, Seacaucus, N.J.: Warner Bros. Publications

Reed, Lou. The Lou Reed songbook: six strings and the words
2009, New York: Cherry Lane Music Company

Max's Kansas City: art, glamour, rock and roll. Edited by Steven Kasher
2010, New York: Abrams Image

Künstler für Kinder
1999, Berlin: Artists for Children

Bamgboyé, Oladélé Ajiboyé. Writings on technology and culture
2000, Rotterdam: Witte de With, Center for Contemporary Art

From #2
2000, Rotterdam: Witte de With

The book of rock quotes. Compiled by Jonathan Green
1977, London: Omnibus Press

All-Story, vol. 12, no. 4. Lou Reed, guest designer
Winter 2008-2009

Lou Reed songbook
[undated], [Publisher not identified]

Velvets in verse and prose
[undated], [Publisher not identified]

Reed, Lou. Magic and loss. Transcribed and arranged by John Curtin
1997, Hollywood: Metal Machine Music

Reed, Lou. Emotions in action
2003, London: Thames & Hudson

Hamill, Janet. Lost ceilings
1999, Guilford, CT: Telephone Books Press

No one waved good-bye: a casualty report on rock and roll. Edited by Robert Somma
1971, New York: Outerbridge & Dienstfrey

Kaczkowski, Piotr. 42 rozmowy
2004, Warsaw: Prószyński i S-ka

Reed, Lou. Ho camminato nel fuoco: tutte le canzoni edite e inedite
2000, Milan: Mondadori

Reed, Lou. Nyuyoku sutori: Ru rido shishu = Between thought and expression
1992, Tokyo: Kawade Shobo Shinsha

Reed, Lou. Mezi myšlenkou a vyjádřením = Between thought and expression
1997, Prague: Maťa

Reed, Lou. Mellem tanke og udtryk udvalgte
1992, Copenhagen: Politisk revy

Buccino, Elio. Time zones 98: sulla via delle musiche possibili
1998, Molfetta

Reed, Lou. Luzes da cidade. Translated by Luís Maio
1997, Lisbon: Assírio & Alvim

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Books about Lou Reed, inscribed

Includes books featuring Lou Reed as subject with inscriptions by the author.

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Watson, Steven. Factory made: Warhol and the sixties
2003, New York: Pantheon Books

Juliá, Ignacio. Feed-back: the Velvet Underground: legend, truth
2008, Barcelona: Ignacio Julià

Reed, Lou and Alberto Campo. Fra pensiero ed espressione: testi e scritti scelti
1993, Milan: Arcana

Warhol, Andy and Pat Hackett. Popism: the Warhol '60s
1980, New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich

Rock, Mick. Rocked: an exclusive photography exhibition
2012, W Hotels Worldwide

Bockris, Victor and Gerard Malanga. Up-tight: the Velvet Underground story
1983, London: Omnibus Press

Ggër, Lou. La ballade de petit monstre
1992, Poitiers: Association Images et dessins

Peelaert, Guy and Nik Cohn. Rock dreams: under the boardwalk
1973, Amsterdam: De Harmonie

Rock, Mick. Blood and glitter: glam: an eyewitness account
2001, London: Vision On

YAM. Warum Kunst? Painted popsongs
1995, Asperg: Killroy Media

Rolling Stone: the twentieth anniversary
1987, New York: Straight Arrow Publishers

Warhol after Munch
2010, Humlebæk: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Graphis 339
May-June 2002

Superstars: guide maniaque du Velvet Underground et de la Factory d'Andy Warhol
1990, [Publisher not identified]

Paparoni, Demetrio and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
2001, Milan: Alberico Cetti Serbelloni Editore

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Books on general topics

Includes books on a variety of topics from Lou Reed's personal library.

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Burroughs, William S. The place of dead roads
1983, New York: Henry Holt
Schwartz, Delmore. En los suenos empiezan las responsabilidades
2010, Barcelona: Alpha Decay
Artists United Against Apartheid. Sun City: the struggle for freedom in South Africa: the making of the record by Dave Marsh
1985, New York: Penguin Books
Murakami, Ryū. Almost transparent blue
1977, Tokyo: Kodansha
McLaren, Malcolm. Musical paintings
2009, Zürich: JRP-Ringier
China's Tibet, no. 2
Le coeur rédempteur de Francis alias Francis Domont
2001, Luneray: Bertout
Icons of design
2002, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania: Weyerhaeuser
Bell, Judy and Nora Guthrie. Woody Guthrie songbook
1999, New York: TRO Ludlow Music
Gaetani, Gemma. Colazione al fiorucci store (Milano)
2005, Rome: Lain
Cutolo, Rita. Messaggeri, Vol. 4
2006, Tavullia, Italy: Associazione L'Angelo
Edgar Allen Poe, 1809-1849: illustrations of a tormented mind
1999, Prague: Edgar Allan Poe Society of Prague
Harding, John Wesley. Collected stories, 1990-1991
1991, Los Angeles: Warner Alternative Ideas
Cutolo, Rita. Messaggeri, Vol. 5
2006, Tavullia, Italy: Associazione L'Angelo
Respectus, Vol. 17: Edgemont High School, Scarsdale, NY
Havel, Václav. Open letters: selected writings, 1965-1990
1992, New York: Vintage Books
Cabaret: American Academy in Rome
2009, Angel Orensanz Foundation, 2 copies
Graphis, no. 331
Havel, Václav. Letters to Olga. Translated by Paul Wilson
1991, London: Faber and Faber
Buonoconto, Mario. Viaggio fantastico alla luce del lume eterno
2005, Naples: Alos
Segerstrom, Rebecca. Nudeyork
1996, Tōkyō: Seibundō Shinkōsha
Schwartz, Delmore. Selected poems: summer knowledge
1967, New York: New Directions
Warhol, Andy. A: a novel
1968, New York: Grove Press
Pomus, Doc. Save the last dance for me, and other hits from the '50's
1960, [Place of publication not identified]: Warner Bros.
Wright, David K.. The Harley-Davidson Motor Company: an official eighty-year history
1983, Osceola, WI: Motorbooks International
Soligny, Jerome. David Bowie
2002, Paris: Musiques & Cie
China Pictorial, Vol. 625
Atlas, James. Delmore Schwartz: the life of an American poet
1977, New York: Farrar Straus Giroux
Charles, Ray and David Ritz. Brother Ray
1980, London: Futura
The Velvet Underground: peel slowly and see
1995, [Place of publication not identified]: Polydor
Painter, Melissa and David Weisman. Edie: girl on fire
2007, San Francisco: Chronicle Books
Atlas, James. Delmore Schwartz: the life of an American poet
1977, New York: Farrar Straus Giroux
Sam Messer. One man by himself: portraits of Jon Serl
1995, West Stockbridge, Mass.: Hard Press, Inc.
The Velvet Underground: New York art
2009, New York: Rizzoli
Hein, Piet. Grooks
1969, Garden City, N.J.: Doubleday & Co.
Haver, Fritz Werner. Rock & roots
1998, Nordwalde: Rose Valley Books
Peelaert, Guy and Nik Cohn. Rock dreams
1973, New York: Popular Library
Nash, Eric. New York's 50 best secret architectural treasures
1996, New York: N.Y. City and Co.
Pittroff, Maria. Lurid
2002,  Berlin: Galerie Peter Herrmann, 2 copies
"Success is a job in New York": the early art and business of Andy Warhol
1989, Pittsburgh, PA: Carnegie Museum of Art
Kostek, M.C. The Velvet Underground handbook
1992, London: Black Spring Press
Gerard, Maison. Wrapped: Adnet Leleu quinet royere
1974, New York: Maison Gerard
Outrageous: the photographs
1998, New York: St. Martin's Press
Reed, Lou. Parole de la nuit sauvage, Vol. 10, No. 18
Hardy, Donald Edward Talbott. The rocks of ages
1992, Honolulu: Hardy Marks Publication
Hulsker, Jan. The new complete Van Gogh: paintings, drawings, sketches
1996, Amsterdam: J. M. Meulenhoff
Bailey, Alice A. Ponder on this
1978, New York: Lucis Publishing Company
Stiff stuff: please don't bend. Litura Na Swiecie, vol. 6
Gassian, Claude. Rock-images
1981, Paris: Jacques Grancher
Sammon, Paul M. The King is dead: the tales of Elvis postmortem
1994, New York: Delta Trade Paperbacks
Huang, Al Chung-liang. Embrace tiger, return to mountain: the essence of T'ai Chi
1973, Berkeley, Calif.: Real People Press
Angell, Callie. The films of Andy Warhol: part II
1994, New York: Whitney Museum of American Art
Havel, Vaclav. Summer meditations
1993, Toronto: First Vintage Books
Dahan, Eric. Night reporter
2007, Paris: Somogy Editions
Bob Dylan's greatest hits
undated, Seacaucus, N.J.: Warner Bros. Publications
Maerzmusik: Festival fur aktuelle Musik: Berliner Festpiele
Graphis, no. 329
Dylan, Bob. Down in the groove
1988, Seacaucus, N.J.: Warner Bros. Publications
Simpson, Eileen. Poets in their youth
1982, New York: Picador
Gibson, William. Skip Spence's jeans
undated, [New York]: Boo-Hooray
Dylan, Bob. Under the red sky
1990, New York: Amsco Publications
"Voluptous panic." In The Watermill Center: a laboratory for performance
2011, New York: The Watermill Center
Reed, Lou. Fra pensiero ed espressione: testi e scritti scelti
1993, Milan: Arcana
Recollecting a culture: photography and the evolution of a socialist aesthetic in East Germany
1999, Boston: Photographic Resource Center at Boston University
Stano, Tono. Stars
2003, International Film Festival
Caggiano, Aldo. Lou Reed: poeta Americano dai Velvet a Berlin
1999, Naples: Liguori
Kugelberg, Johan. C/o The Velvet Underground: New York, N.Y
2007, New York: JMc & GHB/Ectoplasm Press
Burroughs, William S. The place of dead roads
1983, New York: Henry Holt
Bockris, Victor and Andrew Wylie. The alphabet book
1974, Cambridge, Mass.: Dynamic Books
Rabaté, Pascal. Ibicus
1998, Issy-les-Moulineaux: Vents d'Ouest
Heylin, Clinton. All yesterdays' parties: the Velvet Underground in print 1966-1971
2005, New York: Da Capo Press
Forelle, Dagmar. Kunstler fur Kinder
1994, Berlin: [no publisher identified]
1989-1999 Velvet revolution
1999, Washington, D.C.: Embassy of the Czech Republic and Embassy of the Slovak Republic
Graham, Bill and Robert Greenfield. Bill Graham presents: my life inside rock and out
1992, New York, N.Y.: Doubleday Books
Draeger, Donn F. and Robert W. Smith. Comprehensive Asian fighting arts
1980, Tokyo: Kodansha International Ltd.
Helnwein, Gottfried. Apokalypse
1999, Krems, Austria: Niederösterreichisches Donaufestiva
The Transatlantic Review, no. 52
Willemsen, Roger. Menschen aus Willemsens Woche: Fotografiert von Detlev Schneider
1996, Berlin: Rutten & Loening
Wilcock, John. The autobiography and sex life of Andy Warhol
1971, New York: Other Scenes
The Duplex Planet, no. 166
Andy Warhol
2007, South Brisbane: Queensland Art Gallery / The Andy Warhol Museum
Gassian, Claude. Rock images, 1970-1990
1994, Paris: Putti
The Duplex Planet, no. 168
George-Warren, Holly. Crazysexycool
1996, New York: Rolling Stone Press
Murray, Dan. Casualty claim
1996, New York: Cumings Publication
The Duplex Planet: newly revised and expanded edition of the 1981 classic
1986, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.: Duplex Planet
Bockris, Victor. Lou Reed: the biography
1994, London: Huchinson
Wawrzyniaka, Andrzeja. Lhasa apso-moja miłość
2001, Warsaw: Muzeum Azji i Pacyfiku
The Duplex Planet, no. 144
Watson, Steven. Prepare for saints: Gertrude Stein, Virgil Thomson, and the mainstreaming of American modernism
1998, New York: Random House
Bubola, Massimo. I sognatori del giorno: canzoni, lettere e poesie
1996, Firenze: Tarab
The Duplex Planet, no. 146
Schwartz, Delmore. Selected essays of Delmore Schwartz. Edited by Donald A. Dike and David H Zucker
1970, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2 copies
Parkett, no. 65
The Duplex Planet, no. 147
Slimane, Hedi
2003, Berlin. Gottingen: 7L
Merwin, W.S. Lament for the makers: a memorial anthology
1996, Washington, D.C.: Counterpoint
The Duplex Planet, no. 149
Upright, Michael H.: One percent
1999, Los Angeles: Action Publishing
Andy Warhol and his world. Louisiana Revy, vol. 40, no. 2
April 2000
The Duplex Planet, no. 153
Brown, Tony. Downtime
1996, Rotterdam: Witte de With
Faries, Chad. Drive me out of my mind: 24 houses in 10 years, a memoir
2011, New York, NY: Emergency Press
The Duplex Planet, no. 154
The Lou Reed book
1978, New York: Hermana Rayo Entertainment
Leroy, J.T. Sarah
2000, New York, N.Y.: Bloomsbury Publishing
The Duplex Planet, no. 163
Brooklyn Academy of Music. Next Wave Festival 1990
1990, New York : Brooklyn Academy of Music
Ranchetti, Sebastiano. In cerca di giallo
2005, Milan: Jaca Book
The Duplex Planet, no. 165
Dannemann, Monika. The inner world of Jimi Hendrix
1995, New York: St. Martin's Press
Ranchetti, Sebastiano. In cerca di blu
2005, Milan: Jaca Book
Darling, Dancy. My face for the world to see
1997, Honolulu: Hardy Marks Publications
Francis, Mark. Les annees pop 1956-1968: exposition presentee au centre pompidou
2001, Paris: Centre Georges Pompidou
Ranchetti, Sebastiano. In cerca di rosso: salamandre e
2005, Milan: Jaca Book
Willis, Ellen. Beginning to see the light: pieces of a decade
1981, New York: Knopf
Woodward, Frank. Rolling Stone: the illustrated portraits
2000, New York: Chronicle Books
Ranchetti, Sebastiano. In cerca di verde
2005, Milan: Jaca Book
Ari. L'amour n'oublie jamais
2001, Paris: Pauvert
Seliger, Mark. The music book
2008, Kempen: TeNeues
Scott, John. Shiva's really scary gifts, as told to Ann MacDonald
2002, Toronto, Ontario: Coach House Books
Yazdani, Tarssa. The definitive Daniel Johnston handbook
1999, New York: Soft Skull Press
Havel, Vaclav. The art of the impossible: politics as morality in practice
1997, New York: Knopf
Meese, Jonathan. "Marlene Dietrich in Dr. No's Ludovico clinic." In The Watermill Center: a laboratory for performance: Robert Wilson's legacy Watermill Summer Benefit 7.26.08
2011, New York: The Watermill Center
Andy Warhol 1928-1987
1997, Bielsko-Biała, Poland: Galeria Bielska BWA
Pivano, Faernanda. Amici Scrittori: Quarant'anni di incontri e scoperte con gli autori americani
1995, Milan: Arnoldo Mondadori Editore
Macci, Fazio. Chapel of Sansevero Museum
2005, Naples: Alos
Diamond, Wendy. A musical feast: recipes from over 100 of the world's most famous musical artists
1995, New York: Global Liaisons Inc.
Havel, Vaclav. Disturbing the peace
1990, New York: Knopf
Pivano, Fernanda. I miei amici cantautori
2005, Milan: Mondadori
West, Mike. The Velvet Underground and Lou Reed
1982, Manchester, Babylon Books
Koch, Stephen. Star-gazer: Andy Warhol's world and his films
1973, New York: Praeger Publishers
Domont, Francis. L'art l'insurrectionnel et...Dieu
2001, Luneray: Bertout
Etxeberria, Jose Luis Zumeta. Zumeta
2002, New York: Haim Chanin Fine Arts
Schwartz, Delmore. Summer knowledge: new and selected poems, 1938-1958
1959, Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday
Grianti, Francesco. 14 Aprile 2007: Una giornata particolare, Cronistoria a cura di Francesco Grianti
2007, Pesaro, Italia: Pesaro Cultura
The Drawing Center and Ed Hardy. Pierced hearts and true love: a century of drawing for tattoos
1995, Honolulu: Handy Marks Publications
Swados, Elizabeth. Lea and Lazar
1982, New York: Summit Books
Caveney, Graham. Gentleman junkie: the life and legacy of William S. Burroughs
1998, Boston: Little, Brown and Company
Clements, Alan and Leslie Kean. Burma's revolution of the spirit: the struggle for democratic freedom and dignity
1995, Bangkok: White Orchid Press
Pollet, Elizabeth. Portrait of Delmore: journals and notes of Delmore Schwartz
1986, New York: Collins Publishers
The portfolio
1992, London: Autograph Sales Limited
Harley-Davidson Motor Co., Inc. service manual: FLT/FXR Models 1340cc V2 5-Speed
McCabe, David. A year in the life of Andy Warhol
2003, London: Phaidon Press Ltd.
Lamelas, David. Publication
1970, London: Nigel Greenwood Inc.
Film culture, no. 45: the Warhol issue
Frazer, Sir James George. The golden bough
1963, New York: MacMillan Paperbacks
Time Zones '95: X festival internazionale delle nuove sonorita
Harry, Debbie, Chris Stein, and Victor Bockris. Making tracks: the rise of Blondie
1982, New York: Dell Trade Co.
Friedman, Dan and Fred Newman. Still on the corner and other post modern political plays by Fred Newman
1998, New York: Castillo Cultural Center
Time Zones '90: V festival internazionale delle nuove sonorita
Purple journal: numero zero
Paul Gambaccini presents the top 100 albums
1987, London: Grr/Pavilion
Time Zones '96: XI festival internazionale delle nuove sonorita
Butler, Brenda Arlene. Are you hungry tonight? Elvis' favorite recipes
1992, [United States]: Bluewood Books
The Andy Warhol show
2004, Milan: Skira
Time Zones '97: XII festival internazionale delle nuove sonorita
Julia, Ignacio. Feed-back: la leyenda de los Velvet Underground
1986, Barcelona: Ruta 66
Richard Avedon and Doon Arbus. The sixties
1999, New York: Random House
Time Zones '87 II festival internazionale delle nuove sonorita
Polec, Andrzej. Distant Glens and Moors: The Hutsuls today
1997, Warsaw: Wydawnictwo
Wenner, Jann S. Rolling Stone: the complete covers 1967-1997
1998, London: Harry N. Abrams Publishing
Goralski, Maciej Magura. The jewel in the lotus: the sacrificial symbols of Tibetan Buddism
2011, Warsaw: Muzeum Azji i Pacyfiku
Kindskopf. Helnwein
1991, Vienna: Niederosterreicheisches Landesmuseum
Prince, Len. About glamour
1997, New York: Simon and Schuster Editions
Middlehurst, Tony. The pictorial history of motorcycling
1988, [Place of publication not identified]: Bison Books Ltd.
Ghent, Valerie. Word: a collection of lyrics and poems to commemorate the tragic events of 9.11.2001
2002, New York: Cavos Publishing
Schwartz, Delmore. In dreams begin responsibilities and other stories
1978, New York: New Directions Books
Goldberg, Vicki. American photography: a century of images
1999, San Francisco: Chronicle Books
Lamelas, David. A new refutation of time
1997, Munich: Kunstverein
Schwartz, Delmore. Vaudeville for a princess and other poems
1950, New York: New Directions Books
Krob, Miroslav. Praha
1995, Praha. Praha: Kvarta
Gotti, Andrea. Andrea Gotti
2001, Madrid : Luís Gurriarán Galería de Arte, D.l.
Schwartz, Delmore. The world is a wedding: two short novels and five stories by Delmore Schwartz
1948, New York: New Directions Books
Sunzi. The art of war
1991, Boston: Shambhala
Gotti, Andrea. Dipinti 1992-2002
2002, Milan: Skira

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