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Green Book Research Guide: Travelguide (1946)

Guide to resources related to the Negro Motorist/Traveler's Green Book

About Travelguide

William H. "Billy" Butler, a traveling musician during the 1930s and 40s founded Travelguide in 1946. Although, The Negro Motorist Green Boowas in existence, Travelguide focused on the new upwardly mobile black community. All one needed to do was to look at the covers and it was clear who Travelguide was for. The covers often included beautiful women (mostly lighter skinned) who were either celebrities or models and always in a very expensive car. The cover models almost always carried with them one of the strongest symbols of affluence -- golf clubs. The motto of Travelguide was, "vacation & recreation without humiliation."  You can view a selection of The Schomburg Center's copies of Travelguide in our Digital Collections

Selected Images from Travelguide

Page from 1955 Travelguide

This page about New York City features the Apollo Theater and Savoy Ballroom

Travelguide Cover 1951

The wife of Jackie Robinson and the wife of Bill Robinson grace the cover of the 1951 issue of Travelguide.