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Native American Indian and Alaska Native E-Resource Guide: Scholarly Articles

Created in honor of Native American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month, this guide is a compilation of online resources provided by the New York Public Library to help you research all aspects of this topic. Guide by Rhonda Evans.

Scholarly Articles

Many databases available from the New York Public Library provide access to articles covering Native American and Alaska Native studies. Two online resources that provide specific scholarly research in this area are, the Bibliography of Native North Americans and American Indian Experience.

The Bibliography of Native North Americans includes citations to literature about native peoples of North America, including Aleuts; Eskimos or Inuit of Greenland, northern Canada, Alaska, and eastern Siberia; and other native peoples of Canada, the United States, and Mexico north of the northern boundary of Mesoamerica.

American Indian Experience provides full text digital resources exploring the history and culture of American Indians. This is an ideal resource for middle school, high school, and undergraduate research on American Indian history. This database is fully searchable or browsable by era, tribe, state and region.

Collection Highlight: American Indian Experience

This database is not just an excellent source for articles, encyclopedia entries, and biographies, but there is a large collection of photographs and illustrations as well.

Templo Mayor ruins at Tenochtitlán

​"Templo Mayor Ruins at Tenochtitlán." The American Mosaic: The American Indian Experience

Other Online Resources for Scholarly Research

These databases pull articles and abstracts from thousands of journals and magazines across all disciplines, including peer-reviewed titles.