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Native American Indian and Alaska Native E-Resource Guide: LGBTQ Studies

Created in honor of Native American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month, this guide is a compilation of online resources provided by the New York Public Library to help you research all aspects of this topic. Guide by Rhonda Evans.

LGBTQ Online Resources

The Archives of Sexuality and Gender database contains 18 digitized archival collections exploring LGBTQ history and culture since 1940. Patrons can access independent LGBTQ archival documents and articles such as Native American Lesbians, and American Indian Gender Crossers.

The LGBT Life with Full text database provides complete indexing and abstracting of content related to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender studies in over 230 journals, magazines, and newspapers. Users can access archival documents and articles concerning  LGBT life and indigenous peoples.

More Online Resources for LGBTQ Studies

Collections' Highlights

Native American Lesbians, June 1972, from Archives of Sexuality and Gender