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Job Search: Associations

Library resources for job search.

Associations & Organizations

You can obtain job search leads by joining an association, becoming a full member, attending its networking events such as local and national conferences, and joining its LinkedIn group. Many professional associations offer a range of career services and even may host their job banks. Create a list of professional associations for a specific occupation and industry by using the Plunkett Research Online and the Gale Directory Library databases.

Below you will find instructions on how to use these databases to search for associations. 

Gale Directory Online

Create a list of associations searching across a range of directories on the Gale Directory Library database. It is accessible with your NYPL card and PIN.

This database includes the following directories:

Encyclopedia of Associations - International Organizations (59th Edition, 2020)

Encyclopedia of Associations - National Organizations of the U.S. (59th Edition, 2020)

Encyclopedia of Associations - Regional, State, and Local Organizations of the U.S. (31st Edition, 2020)

Encyclopedia of Governmental Advisory Organizations (33rd Edition, 2018)

National Directory of Nonprofit Organizations (35th Edition, 2020).


If you already know the name of the association that you want to research, type its name into the search box, but if you're going to create a list of associations for a specific field or industry and a particular geographical area, do an Advanced Search query.

Plunkett Research Online

The Plunkett Research Online database is temporarily accessible with your NYPL card and PIN. On the Job Seekers Resources & Tools, you will find industry associations, government agencies, phone numbers, and web sites that are helpful to job seekers. Click on Associations and Organizations to start searching. 

Search Tips: 

1. To find all associations and organizations, click "Search" on the search screen without entering any criteria. You may use more than one selection to refine the range of your search.

2. When the results are displayed, you may click on the name of an organization to see its profile.