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A Guide for Making Sound Decisions

Music Industry 101: A Guide for Making Sound Decisions

Music Industry 101: A Guide for Making Sound Decisions

Welcome to Music Industry 101

"There's no business like show business" - Irving Berlin, an American composer.

The arts and entertainment industry is the summation of music business, artists, lyricists, songwriters, and audio engineering. Additionally, there is a myriad of other divisions that aid to the success of the industry. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) released an annual report stating that the global recorded music market grew by 9.7% in 2018, commencing the fourth consecutive year of growth. Furthermore, the IFPI’s Global Music Report showcases the total revenues for 2018 as $19.1 billion USD creating a blooming sense of growth through digital streaming for the music market. The 2022 report is available now

This library guide will highlight additional resources to aid the informational landscape of the arts and entertainment industry. All ages, backgrounds, and expertise levels are available to locate a program tailored to their wants, from aspiring musicians to prodigies. The enhancement of information regarding community programs, intensives and workshops, employment searches, and helpful books are at your fingertips. This guide is intended for music lovers from various backgrounds who want to understand the multi-billion dollar industry encompassing recording, publishing, touring, mixing, mastering, and more. Whether you're a self-taught artist trying to distribute your own songs, a financial advisor looking to jump into a new career, or a graduate student trying to figure out what to do with a degree in music, this guide will help you turn a burning passion into a budding business.

What industry job is right for you?

Music Hubs

Some cities live, work, and breathe music as hubs for the industry and music culture. These local guides are intended to guide musicians through the vast, unique ecosystem each city has to offer whether you're visiting or planning a long-term move.

Local Guides

Billie Holiday (right) with Louis Armstrong in publicity photograph for the 1947 film "New Orleans."

New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz and continues to be a hub for music innovators and listeners alike. Check out local radio station WWOZ's guide for New Orleans musicians if you're planning a stop down south.

Atlanta is well known for its hip-hop scene and ArtsGeorgia compiled a lovely guide of local resources & music festivals occurring in and around the city.

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