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Music Industry 101: Paid Learning Programs

A Guide for Making Sound Decisions

Paid Learning Programs


Music Intensives

The Bronx Conservatory of Music This program offers private and group music instruction for children and adults, regardless of previous experience or skill. The program offers lessons for piano, orchestral instruments, voice, and guitar. The conservatory focuses on musical education and all private lesson students receive classes in musicianship. The lessons are tailored to the individual skills and development of each student. Tuition varies for the length of each program. The conservatory is committed to offering private instruction to guide artists from children to adults. The program offers low tuition for all ages therefore making the training accessible to everyone.

NYU Clive Davis Summer Highschool NYU presents a 4-week summer program tailored to professional business and artistic training to study how music is recorded, produced, and distributed to consumers. Available to sophomores and juniors only. The summer program for high school students, you become entrepreneurs in training by studying how music is recorded, produced, and distributed to consumers. The students learn the fundamentals of music production, the arts and culture of NYC, and foundations of music business. The tuition is $9,806

Gotham Writers Songwriting Classes This workshop is a writing class that highlights the union of composition and musicianship. The songwriting class is separated by levels. The level one course ventures into lyric writing and song construction, and the level two course deals with lyrics and music equally. All ages and backgrounds are welcomed. The program offers ten-week workshops and two day online intensives. The tuition for the workshops vary on the length of instruction, and returning students receive discounts. This program offers a modern way of venturing into a career in lyricism and or aiding the songwriting process for developing artists. The program applies to anyone interested in enhancing their composition skills on the path of music. Gotham Writers is known for their writing programs as they focus on comedy, poetry, and song.

Bloomingdale School of Music This NYC non-profit organization energizes the community with classes and ensembles focused on togetherness through music. The program offers classes for early childhood, children, adults, and private lessons. The program offers tuition assistance and scholarships to families that demonstrate financial need. The program offers a myriad of classes for all age groups. Whether an individual is interested in learning an instrument without prior skills, or if they are well-versed musicians seeking mentorship the Bloomingdale School of Music is accessible to all ages and backgrounds.

Boston University Fine Arts Summer Intensive showcases a premier summer training program for musicians ages 10 to 20. BU focuses on a love of music and striving for excellence. The application process consists of an admissions application, audition, recommendation letters, and their program scholarship application. The areas of study include voice, percussion, strings, composition, piano, and conducting. Students have the ability to learn and revel in private lessons, master classes, academic courses, and performance. The program is located at Boston University through their Tanglewood Institute division in Lenox, Massachusetts. The total cost of attending is based on the weeks in attendance for the program. Students may enroll in various programs of interest. The applicability falters as the program is geared towards skilled musicians seeking professional guidance to sharpen their musicianship.

Berklee College of Music Summer Programs offers a myriad of summer programs catered to interests such as music performance, composition, music production, theater, and music business. Each program has varying age requirements, and tuition. The scholarship amount awarded depends on the audition evaluation. Each program has various age requirements, however the range is between 12 and 25. Berklee offers day sessions, mentorship, tailored workshops, intensives, and entrepreneurship programs.

Idyllwild Arts Academy: Adult Music Program The workshops provided are for five days and individuals can choose to study electronic music or songwriting for composition and performance. The program fixates on experience gained in courses designed for those entering into the world of music, or those searching for new opportunities and vast knowledge. The programs offer daily practice sessions, writing prompts, song critiques, lectures, and hands on experience. The cost of attendance is $645 with course materials included.

Eastern US Music Camp This summer camp offers a supportive environment for the growth of musicianship and artistry. Students customize their schedule to highlight their areas of improvement, create a budding social life of like minded musicians, and can join any level of a performance group based on their audition. The groups offered are symphonic band, chamber orchestra, jazz ensemble, concert choir, contemporary rock, piano, and guitar. The program length varies from two to four week sessions depending on the study group chosen, for ages 12-18 only.

University of Hartford (Hartt Conservatory) Summer Intensives

  • Music Industry Through master classes and hands-on project learning, rising sophomores through recently graduated seniors in high school learn the art and craft of songwriting. In the mornings, you will work with professional producers and engineers to learn the basics of song construction, demo recording, and the process of mixing and mastering. In the afternoons, you will attend master classes and workshops that focus on the basics of copyright regulations, music marketing campaigns, and other highlights of the industry. One impactful week allows you to earn your first songwriting credits, meet passionate peers from all over the country, and learn how you can pursue your own career in the music industry.
  • Young Composers This remote two-week intensive is designed for students in grades 7–12 who are passionate about writing music. Learn composition techniques, approaches to media scoring while actively developing music for film, TV, and/or video game scenes. The online program includes synchronous instruction (approximately 1.5-3 hours per day) and supplemental online content for students to watch on their own. Students will participate in remote classes, small group breakout sessions, and 1:1 mentoring. Additional, Asynchronous material will be provided for students to watch on their own.

Ithaca College Summer Music Academy This summer program offers a myriad of electives for grades 10 to 12 through the Ithaca College School of Music, each elective costs $125. The Summer Music Academy (SMA) program classes such as Exploring World Music, Intermediate Music Theory, Diction for Singers, Introduction to Choral Arranging, and New Developments in Modern Music are offered to the students for a lively and educational experience.  Applicants will be able to pay by the class so that each student can determine the best level of involvement for their student. The program applies to qualifying high school students. Ithaca college also has an “intermediate” program for grades 7 to 9 as well.

FAME Summer Music Camp A summer music program for grades 7 to 12 who are interested in the field of music and its related careers. The camp is located at University of Maryland College Park School of Music and offers various workshops for music technology, vocal music, and a jazz band program intensive. The students will use advanced recording software, prepare for education and career opportunities in music, perform sight-reading exercises, and improve execution of performance repertoire.

Drexel University SMT Program A free one-week non-residential summer program that focuses on STEM and musicianship. Drexel has applied expertise in music, technology, engineering, computing, and science to design the curriculum. Students have the ability to raise their understanding of sound synthesis, instrumental acoustics, musical app development, and audio effects. The combination of music and technical concepts create a new system for learning. The summer program is free provided with an application and a letter of recommendation. Students will engage in daily activities with lunch provided, meanwhile transportation is not. The program is favored for students interested more on the scientific side of music.

Syracuse University Audio Production  An immersive summer college program created by Syracuse University allows high school students to learn the fundamentals of sound engineering and audio production. Students must be of rising high school sophomore to senior status. The program will guide students to run a productive recording session, learn microphone differentiation, master the studio environment, and enhance portfolios. The summer program is online only, and students will utilize office hours with the professor and assistants in order to increase the quality of their projects. The duration of the program is three weeks long and the cost of the program is $2,500 with scholarships available. 

One Diverse Industry This program highlights a full hands-on networking experience in media, entertainment, and technology. The program offers opportunities from sponsors for events, direction from the executives that aid in the expansion of knowledge from their field, and inspiration for the students to envision their attainable future careers. Panel discussions, luncheons, networking opportunities, and workshops are available to the attendees for all ages from high school to graduate school. The ODI conference is held within Denver, New York City, and Philadelphia. Students are offered unprecedented access to top digital media executives. Through networking connections, ODI provides executives exposure to the next generation of industry leaders and strategic relationships. The cost of the program varies on school sponsorship, personal admittance, and the scholars program.

 New Artists Model Program  is an online music business training school that you can use to promote your music and create a fantastic music career and share your music with the world. Start developing income and a fanbase faster than ever before.

The School of Rock This program offers in-person and online private lessons for the piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, and vocals. The program is accessible to all ages and all backgrounds of artistry. The program provides performance based musical education combined with the fundamentals of music theory. Payment plans are available and the cost varies depending on the number of lessons wanted. The School of Rock is available in 9 countries, with 250 locations globally, with over 35,000 students enrolled.

GRAMMY U | Recording Academy The Recording Academy represents the voices of performers, songwriters, producers, engineers, and all music professionals. Grammy U, is a  community of full-time college students, primarily between the ages of 17 to 25. The Recording Academy created GRAMMY U to help prepare college students for their careers in the music industry through networking, educational programs and performance opportunities. To qualify students must attend a music or audio training institution, major or minor in a music related field, and plan to work in the music industry after graduation. A one time payment of $50 is needed. The recording academy offers special events, programs, mentorship, and internships for individuals seeking to work in the music entertainment industry