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Researching Periodicals From the African Diaspora: Periodicals from Europe and Asia


On this page you can find resources for locating periodicals about people of African descent in Europe written in English and other languages.

Periodicals in the Collection

African Woman, a peridiocal from London, is housed in the Research and Reference Division.

Estudios de Asia y Africa may be accessed here to researchers with a valid NYPL card.

Finding Titles in the Collections

To search for periodicals about people of African descent in Europe, you may do a title search in the catalog

Journal title


If you don't have the title of publication and you would like to search by country in Europe, you may do a subject search such as:

Some publications about Africa and the African diaspora, including Europe, may be found by searching the following subject heading:

Asia and Russia

The Schomburg Center has a limited number of periodicals about people of African descent in Asia and Russia. To locate these titles you can try the following subject searches (limiting your search to Schomburg Center):