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Fluxus Materials at The New York Public Library : Major Artists Associated with Fluxus

This guide is an introduction to the Fluxus materials available throughout the vast collections of the New York Public Library.

Major Artists Associated with Fluxus

This is a list of some of the major artists that were associated with the Fluxus movement:


Joseph Beuys

George Brecht

John Cage

Merce Cunningham

Robert Fillou

Geoffrey Hendricks

Jon Hendricks

Dick Higgins

Allan Kaprow

Alison Knowles

Jackson Mac Low

George Maciunas

Peter Moore

Charlotte Moorman

Claus Oldenberg

Yoko Ono

Nam June Paik

Ben Patterson

Gerhard Richter

Ben Vautier

Wolf Vostell

Emmett Williams

La Monte Young

Searching the Library’s online catalog can serve as the first step in order to see if the library holds any books on your artist of interest. There are different ways to search for books on these individual artists:

  • The best way is to search under “Subject” (LastName, FirstName)
  • Artists can also be searched for as “Author” (LastName, FirstName)


Search for an artist

To learn more about researching an individual artist, check out our libguide on: How to Research an Artist: Getting Started.