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Fluxus Materials at The New York Public Library : Highlights in the Wallach Division

This guide is an introduction to the Fluxus materials available throughout the vast collections of the New York Public Library.

Highlights in the Wallach Division

The following are some collection highlights located within the Wallach Division.

Ellsworth Snyder Collection

Image of Artist File BoxesThe Art & Architecture Collection owns the Ellsworth Snyder Collection of Fluxus Multiples and Ephemera. It consists of objects, text scores, correspondence art, gallery announcements, concert programs, posters and other items produced by and/or relating to the Fluxus group of artists, ca. 1958-1987. Highlights include: multiple edition Fluxus objects, e.g. George Brecht's Water Yam (1963), Robert Watts' Events (1964), Joseph Beuys' Zwei Fräulein mit Leuchtendem Brot (1966), and Yoko Ono's A box of smile (signed in 1984); a complete set of the Fluxus in-house newspaper V TRE (1963-1978); posters from Charlotte Moorman's Annual New York Avant-Garde Festivals (1964-1980); performance poems and "text-sound texts" by Jackson Mac Low; performance programs from La Monte Young and Yoko Ono's Chamber Street Loft Series (ca. 1961-1962). Many of the items are inscribed to the collector, Ellsworth Snyder.

Artists included within the collection are: Eric Andersen, Joseph Beuys, George Brecht, Bazon Brock, John Cage, Remy Charlip, Christo, Anthony Cox, Merce Cunningham, Willem de Ridder, Jean Dupuy, Robert Filliou, Henry Flynt, Bici Forbes, John Giorno, Philip Glass, David Gordon, Al Hansen, Deborah Hay, Geoffrey Hendricks, Fred Herko, Dick Higgins, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Ray Johnson, Nam June Paik, Allan Kaprow, Takehisa Kosugi, Jackson Mac Low, George Maciunas, Richard Maxfield, Jim McWilliams, Larry Miller, Peter Moore, Charlotte Moorman, Robert Morris, Max Neuhaus, Claes Oldenburg, Yoko Ono, Benjamin Patterson, Steve Paxton, Yvonne Rainer, Robert Rauschenberg, Tomas Schmit, Florence Tarlow, Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell, James Waring, Robert Watts, Robert Whitman, La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela.

Ellsworth Snyder (May 13, 1931-August 11, 2005) was an American abstract painter, professional pianist, conductor and scholar. He was known as a champion of avant-garde art and music and is associated with composer John Cage and the Fluxus art movement.

Artist Files

Among the Art & Architecture Collection, the Artist Files are a unique resource. Its greatest strength lies in its inclusion of both major and lesser known artists. There are over a million items on painters, sculptors, architects, fashion designers, designers, jewelers, craftsmen, collectors, among other types of personalities and artisans. The range of material is broad and consists of articles from magazines and newspapers, reproductions, photographs, manuscripts, gallery and museum announcements, exhibition brochures and press releases. The Artist Files are not searchable through our online catalog, instead, you can consult our department staff directly in room 300 or email us at

Pamphlet Files

The Pamphlet Files within the Art & Architecture Collection also provide access to ephemera consisting of exhibition brochures, fliers, small exhibition catalogues, gallery announcements, newsletters and other materials relating predominately to New York City and State galleries and museums. These also include ephemera from colleges and universities, societies, foundations, and other arts organizations. These files are often the only record that a gallery or organization existed at one point.  An index to the files, arranged alphabetically by name, can be viewed by clicking here: A to Z list.

The Print Collection / Spencer Collection

Photograph of Room 308The Print Collection, which also houses the Spencer Collection, owns original works of art, multimedia works by Fluxus artists. To learn more about the different collections of the Wallach Division, checkout our libguide: Guide to the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs.

  • Flux Year Box 2. 1967.
  • Five-compartment wooden box with objects by various artists.
  • John, Yoko & Flux. Photographs by Peter Moore. New York, 1970 
  • Fluxfest presentation of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Get Help

For further assistance in using any of these resources you can contact the Art & Architecture staff by visiting us in Room 300 of the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building or through email at