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How to Research for a Debate Using Library Resources: Speaker Point Boosters: Rhetoric and Logic

Recommended resources for researching a debate topic

How Do I Convince the Judges to Vote for Me : A Primer on Logic and Rhetoric

Young Debater Delivering a Speech
Successful debaters are not simply blessed with a natural talent for oratory. They rely upon rhetoric, the study of principles and rules to be followed by a speaker striving for eloquence. A number of books on ancient and modern rhetoric will help you become confident and compelling. 

In addition to being persuasive, your arguments must be logical. If the conclusion of your argument is firmly supported by your premises, you are less likely to confuse the judge. Recognizing logical fallacies that will be used against you by your opponent will put you in control of the round. Most debate cases can benefit from a well-placed quote. Take a look at the Quotes box to find one suitable for your purpose. Reading great speeches is a brilliant way to develop your own public speaking abilities. Classic Speeches E-resources will provide you with instant access to a number of brilliant speeches and debates of major historical significance.




Logic of Your Argument

Classic Speeches E-Resources