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How to Research for a Debate Using Library Resources: Researching Pro and Con

Recommended resources for researching a debate topic

Database Research for Debaters

undefined After you defined your terms and acquired a basic understanding of the topic, use electronic databases to find evidence that supports your contentions. Electronic databases contain highly selective academic content, organized for rapid search and retrieval. While evidence in support of your contentions can be found in all databases, note that you might need to visit the library to access some of our databases. A round icon with a lion to the right of the database title indicates the fact that this database can only be accessed at the library. All databases with blue house icon next to the title, can be remotely accessed with you library card. All databases have a section of helpful research tips. To keep track of your research, or to share some articles with you team members, you can create database login credentials.



Articles & Databases

Scholarly E-Books and E-Text Books

These online collections provide access to thousands of scholarly e-books and text books across all disciplines and in multiple languages.

Databases with Remote Access