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Career Change & Occupational Information: LearningExpress Library

Resources for finding career change and occupational information.

LearningExpress Library

Find tests, tutorials, and eBooks on the Career Center of the LearningExpress Library database. It helps individuals improve their test scores on academic, civil service, military, and professional licensing and certification exams by providing test preparation materials and interactive practice exams. Access it with your NYPL card and PIN. **Patrons should read the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of this resource before searching.**

See below for an overview of the resources that this database offers regarding career change and occupational information.

Download eBooks for Career Changers


Access tests, tutorials and eBooks for the following occupations:


Prepare for the Air Traffic Controller Exam

Prepare for the Allied Health and Social Worker Exam

Prepare for Civil Service Exams
Prepare for Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Exams
Prepare for Cosmetology Exams
Prepare for Culinary Arts Exams
Prepare for Electrician and Plumbing Exams
Prepare for Emergency Medical Services and Firefighting Exams
Prepare for Law Enforcement Exams
Prepare for Military Exams
Prepare for Nursing Exams
Prepare for Real Estate Exams
Prepare for Teaching Exams

Online test version versus printable test version.

For a complete experience, take the online test version. The printable version does not include all the features and functionalities that the online version offers and may include fewer questions.