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Local Demographics: Free Data Set Collections


Demographic Sources-Free Data Set Collections [use images with link to html webpage as added content]

  • NYCity Map Portal []-map which overlays searchable data sets by population characteristics used by the U.S. census, locations of points of interest (POI) (police, fire, schools, hospitals), and unique items of interest (internet access, business improvement district locations, CitiBike locations).
  • Consumer Expenditure Survey []-Provides data on expenditures, income, and demographic characteristics of consumers in the United States. Produced by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • U.S. Census-Topics Search []-provides census data in an easily searchable format about the U.S. population and the U.S. economy. Each data set is searchable by zip code, county, state, and census tract. [use SimplyAnalytics….]
  • New York City Department of City Planning (Community District Profiles) []-New York City government agency searchable website for local information classified by community district. Includes population information, land use and zoning, crime statistics, parks, schools, hospitals, and other points of interest. Includes the Community District Needs documents for each NYC community district.
  • Pew Internet and American Life Project []-website contains dataset collections, presentations, and articles on internet access and connectivity in the United States. Produced by the nonprofit Pew Research Center.
  • Census Business Builder []-This web pages uses a Wizard interface to allow you obtain a population profile using census data for the geographic area of choice. As an example, if you put in a zip code in question 2, the user can click on GO TO MAP button or CREATE REPORT button to create a visual similar to SimplyAnalytics for comparisons.