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Bloomberg Terminal: Finding Index Information

How Do I Find Index Information?

To find index data, including a description, constituents, and prices, type in the mnemonic for that index, then press the INDEX key, type DES and then GO. If you do not know the mnemonic for your index, start typing the name of the index in the search box on the top left of the screen. Keep typing until Bloomberg auto-suggests your index, and then select it. 

To obtain a list of the current members of the index, from the index's profile page (the page you will see after following the instructions in the first paragraph), select 6) Members, or type MEMB and press GO. To see a price chart for the index, select 3) Price Chart, or type GP and press GO

Mnemonics for Popular Indexes

NDX       NASDAQ 100 Stock Index

DJII        Dow Jones Industrial Index

RIY        Russell 1000 Index

RTA       Russell 2000 Index

RAY       Russell 3000 Index

SPX       S&P 500 Index

To access a list of the most popular indexes across the globe, or indexes by region, type WEI (the mnemonic for World Equity Indexes) and press GO