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Bloomberg Terminal: Sustainability

ESG (Environmental, Sustainability and Governance)

Bloomberg offers several ways of researching ESG (environmental, sustainability and governance) issues for companies. 


ESG Ratings for Individual Companies

For ESG data on a specific company, first type the company's ticker or other mnemonic, then press the yellow Equity key. Next, type FA ESG, and press the green GO button. 

Alternately, pull up the description page for the company, using the search box, then select FA (financial analysis) from the menus, and select ESG from the submenus on new page. 

Company Screen

To create a screen for companies by different ESG factors, first type EQS, then press the green GO key. Next, select the Fields button on the new page. Open the menu labeled Fundamentals, then select Bloomberg Fundamentals, and last choose ESG to see a list of available variables.

Bloomberg also offers general data on ESG factors accessible by typing ESG and then pressing the green GO key.